Saint Nicholas Day: History and Traditions

The 6th of December is a special day on the calendar. On this day, we celebrate Saint Nicholas Feast. It’s one of the most heartfelt and affectionate holidays which teaches us to believe in wonders and miracles. The feast has recently gained great popularity among children and adults. The history of the celebration is really amazing. In order to make the celebration interesting and amusing, you have to know the answers on the most popular questions.

Who was Nicholas?

Saint Nicholas isn’t an invented hero. It was a real person who lived in the 3d century. The man was a Lycian saint and Roman Catholic Bishop of Myra in Anatolia. He had the reputation of the gift-giver. There are many legends about his acts of kindness. The most well-known is about three sisters who had no fortune and couldn’t get married. The man threw in their house some money in the socks. In such a way, he helped them to marry. Nowadays St. Nicholas is considered to be a patron of children, seafarers, fishermen, merchants, bankers, and the cattle and wild animals.

What are the main customs of the holiday?

The children always wait for St. Nicks feast. They mark the 6th of December in their Advent calendars and prepare bigger socks or shoes. They leave them on the doorstep on the previous night. On the morning, the kids find pretty gifts in the socks or shoes. This tradition is common for many countries.  Saint Nicholas is a symbol of generosity. That is why it’s the best day to think about others and help them.

What should be presented?

On this day, children are in the focus of attention. However, you can prepare small gifts for all your family members and friends. By the way, it’s not admirable to give extra expensive gifts on the feast. The presents should be hearty and sincere. The top variants of gifts include the following:

  • sweets and candies;
  • piggy banks;
  • small toys and games;
  • books;
  • craft suppliers.

The presents should give positive emotions and cheer.

How to spend the holiday?

Although the feast isn’t a public holiday, there are still many things to do and lots of places to visit. The feast is a perfect time to share your warmth and kindness with others. Why not visit or even organize charity events?  On the morning, you can go to the church to honor the memory of the St. Nicks. The parents can tell the history of the celebrations to their children. The feast gives additional opportunity to spend precious moments with loved ones.

To conclude, you should remember that there are no strict regulations on how to spend Saint Nicholas Day. You can celebrate it with different activities such as gift-giving, feasts, and festivals.

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