Calling a moving company

If you have never used a moving company service it may be difficult to give detailed information at once. What question is better to ask in order to get the certain idea of all cost and charges? The success of your possible move depends on the questions you ask in advance. Let`s get prepared together.

What can happen if you forget to give some info?

The best way to deliver the conversation with a manager via phone is to make a list of all necessary information you should give beforehand. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to give the precise price estimate via the phone without seeing the real situation. That is why your main task is to give as many details as you can about any possible obstacle that could slow down the moving process. In result you can spend your money in vain. The number of movers might not be enough to finish your job in reasonable time; a crew might not have the necessary equipment to handle heavy furniture or appliances. To receive the approximate cost of your move you shouldn`t feel embarrassed to ask if wrapping materials are included or if tax is included in your rate.

The most important things you should know

Now imagine you got a number of a moving company but you don`t know what to tell next. Feel free to use this list that can save you a lot of time and money

  1. The precise date. In order to give you a precise estimate a manager need to know a preferable date for your relocation. You might know that some moving company has special rates for different days in a week or month. That is why it is important to ask if they have availability and for what price you can expect.
  2. The size of your residence. You should give an approximate idea of the size of your apartment or house. The perfect scheme is the following: the size in square feet, number of bedrooms. This useful information will help a person to defy the suitable number of people for your job. The more details you give the more precise rate you can get.
  3. The location. It is important to remember that a moving company can take additional fee for the driving, gas and the destination between pick up and drop off point. It is not obligatory to give the full addresses however you always can give at least zip codes.
  4. In case you need the packing service. It is also recommended to tell if you don`t want to pack boxes by yourself. First of all, such a good question will help you to find out if there is any fee for such service. Eventually, you can get the idea of all prices for the boxes or wrapping materials if required.
  5. Specific information. You don`t have to tell a moving company if you would like to move a big fridge. Professional moving companies is experienced enough to move such things. It concerns only if you have a gun safe, pool table, piano or something that requires the special care during the transportation. It is highly recommended to include such details as number of stairs, whether elevator works or not, the number of floor as well. In case you have some heavy stuff you need to ask is a truck is equipped with the lift gate.

How to avoid scums?

Every moving company in California must to be licensed and insured to be able to provide service to customers. You should ask to send a copy of certificate for you to check all position. You can also get the copy of the contract to check all provisions beforehand.

You should check if you require special approval from the building for your project. Usually a moving company must have $1 million coverage to be able to use the lift.

In conclusion you always need to be prepared for your move beforehand by asking right questions. Thus it will help you to avoid a lot of problems such as money loss or damage. Feel free to call EasyBusy and our managers will take care about your move.


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