Cardboard boxes – packaging material

From the experience of EasyBusy moving company, we can say with confidence that almost all removals are made using such packaging material as cardboard boxes, which are made from corrugated fiberboard.

Advantages of using cardboard boxes:

  • low cost;
  • wide range of sizes;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • compactness;
  • ease;
  • strength;
  • cushion effect.

Carton boxes perfectly hold the shape, protecting their contents from any kind of mechanical impact, sunrays, dirt, and dust.

Of course, cardboard has a disadvantage. It is a defenseless to moisture and damp. The material absorbing moisture, becomes soft losing its qualities.

We use boxes of cardboard in everyday life: when moving, for storage, etc. Do you know anything about the history of the discovery (production) of cardboard and cardboard boxes? EasyBusy moving company will gladly tell you some interesting facts.

Actually, the date of inventing a cardboard is still a mystery. It was believed that first time cardboard was produced in China, but at the end of the 20th century, a tomb of the 3 000 BC was discovered at precinct of Cairo. A noble woman was buried in the tomb. Woman’s shoulders and head were covered with a mask made of canvas and a material resembling cardboard.

There are more facts from the history of corrugated fiberboard.

Corrugated paper was invented and patented in Britain in 1856, and it was used as a lining for hats. For the next 15 years, corrugated fiberboard was used exclusively in the fashion world.

Albert Jones from New York patented corrugated fiberboard (in today’s meaning of the word) in 1871. It was a single-faced corrugated board: a cardboard that did not have one of the flat layers. Albert Jones was the first to determine the possibility of using corrugated paper for packaging. He was looking for a suitable material for packing glass flasks and bottles and he succeeded in it.

In 1879 Robert Gair discovered the possibility of using sharpened stamps for cutting cardboard, and the equipment to simplify the formation of a smooth fold (joint forming), so the birth of a cardboard box occurred. It was the first truly effective cardboard box. It could be stored flat and easy collected. Then the design was improved many times, and as a result, the boxes became widely used where earlier heavy and heavily occupied wooden boxes and chests needed to be used. Using the technology of production of boxes from corrugated fiberboard opened a new market for corrugated packaging.

In 1881 Oliver Long (the USA) patented the way of production of duplex corrugated board. The first machine with a mechanical drive for manufacturing a duplex corrugated cardboard and rolling it into rolls was produced.

In 1882 Robert Thompson (the USA) received a patent for a triplex corrugated board.

In 1897 the world saw boxes of corrugated cardboard. To make a box of corrugated cardboard, engineers had to develop a technology for gluing flat layers of paper to each side of the corrugated layer.

Despite significant changes, modern corrugated packaging does not differ much from its first samples. Thanks to a simple design, corrugated cardboard remains the most profitable modern packaging material from which it is possible to create containers of any configuration, strength and finishing. Moreover, corrugated cardboard is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials.

In addition to the relative simplicity of manufacturing, corrugated cardboard is distinguished by its versatility. This material is in demand in many spheres of industry; as the producers of food products, alcoholic beverages, household and office equipment, stationery, and others choose it to package their products. Thus, it is possible to say with full confidence that corrugated cardboard occupies a huge niche in the market of packaging materials.

EasyBusy moving company advises using packaging material such as cardboard boxes when you are going to arrange moving. The benefits of using cardboard boxes are obvious.

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