The Perfect Christmas 2018: The Checklist of Must-Haves and Must-Do’s

What is the typical image of the traditional Christmas? The main attributes of the celebration are Santa Claus, a lot of snow piled up in front of the houses, fireworks, and the Christmas Tree. However, if you live in California, the image is a little different.  You can’t find any single snowflakes in the streets as well as make the snowman. Though you can build a sandcastle and enjoy the gentle ocean breeze. Still, there are a lot of opportunities to have the best ever Xmas celebration.

Waiting for a miracle

Christmas is one of the most favorite and happy days. The last days of December are full of fairy tale expectations, warmth and hope. It’s a high time to visit your relatives and share joy and happiness with them. You shouldn’t forget to prepare some sweet gifts for your family members. The Christmas markets are the place to feel the atmosphere of the coming festival and pick up the cutest souvenirs.

How to spend the holiday

It’s a custom to spend the Christmas Eve (the day before the very holiday) in a warm family circle. A lot of traditions are connected with this date. Although the 24th of December is not a public holiday in the majority of states, people tend to spend this day with their family. That’s why the greater part of the offices is closed earlier than usual. As Christmas is a religious holiday, the main traditions are rooted in the Bible. For example, people do not eat anything until the first star appears. However, the festive supper should contain 12 dishes. You can savor them after the sunset.  The Christmas Eve is a perfect time for charity and goodwill.

Christmas spirit

One of the key elements of the celebration is naturally the Christmas dinner. Although a lot of people prefer to spend both Christmas Eve and Day at home, there are various locations that offer delicious food. For instance, in LA the best destinations are Church & State, Cal Mare, Culina, and others. You are able to enjoy the cuisine from all over the world.

The light shows are the obligatory element of the holiday. The most popular ones are the following:

  • Altadena;
  • Oxnard;
  • Riverside.

Children are crazy about amusement parks. You can make the unforgettable Xmas to your kids by bringing them to Disneyland, Buena Park or Pacific Park. The skate rinks are able to make your Christmas more vivid and active. The most crowd-pleasing rinks are Queen Mary Ice Rink, Skating by the Sea at Hotel del Coronado, and Hollywood Ice Rink.

One of the most important and beloved moments is the unpacking of the gifts. There is always something magical and mysterious in finding piles of presents on Christmas morning. That’s why it’s worth to create the unique traditions connected with the gift giving.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that the main thing about Christmas is to spend more time with family and close friends. These days are the most appropriate time to express your love and affection.

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