Congratulations with Chinese New Year

To a very joyful present and a remembered past, best and generous wishes for happy, amazing holidays  from EasyBusy moving company! On the New Year, we look back on the warm and dear memories, feel proud of our life and achievements and take a good lesson from our mistakes. We wish you to have a marvelous year filled with endless fun, joy and laugher!

Thank you for being with us all this year, thank you for your grateful reviews and responses, thank you that you trust us the most valuable things in your life, your household, the spirit and atmosphere of your home. Thanks to you, EasyBusy is improving the level of company service and make it more comfortable and convenient for you! We work for you all the year round!

And our team would like to share some interesting information about this holiday with you.

It is unknown when exactly people began to celebrate the New Year in China. Some thinks that it was in 1766 BC – 1122 BC and some kind of religious ceremony during the times of Shang Dynasty. A few really believe that Chinese started to celebrate at the Emperor Yao and Shun (approximately 2300 BC).  At first, the great date of celebration varied from cold end of winter to very early spring. Emperor Wu (157 BC – 87 BC) of the powerful Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220), set up the first day of the first spring month as the beginning of the year (the solar base calendar), where it remains. According to amazing tales and legends, the wonderful beginning of this holiday started with the furious fight against a mythical extreme beast the “Year”. This beast looks like an awful ox with a huge lion head and lives in the nearest sea. At the New Year’s Eve, the evil “Year” will definitely come out of its home-place to harm good people, villages, animals, and properties. Then, people found that the bad “Year” is afraid of all gradation of the red color, big fire, and very-very loud sounds. For good self-protection, citizens, of course, formed the nice habit to post red Dui Lian everywhere and in front of their house with beautiful launching fireworks, and hanging bright lanterns at year-end.

The date for celebration and glorying wonderful Chinese New Year, not surprisingly, changes each year round. It always falls between winter months January 21st and February 20ty, according to the true lunar calendar. In 2018 it is going to be on Friday February 16. A very old and joyful custom is to give the names to the years by one of 12 fairy animals in their zodiac cycle. Red envelopes with cash from older to younger, from leaders to underlings, from bosses to employees are the main remarkable symbol of the holiday. No single hour in any other country or other part of the world sees as many tons of the greatest fireworks lighted in China at midnight! The Chinese New Year is very symbolic of letting go of the bad past and welcoming new wonderful beginnings. It is quite a good time for spring-cleaning.

P.S. A fantasy noted down with a real date turns into a real, first-rate objective. A real objective partitioned into ascertained and improved strides turns into a fine arrangement. A fine arrangement bolstered by continuous activities makes your fantasies work out as you expected. So, let’s “force” this New Year, takes your wonderful fantasies travel the distance to their great goals and make them a superb reality. Every New Year always gives you the perfect, happy chance to start something new, respectable and fresh. So do your bit this amazing year and make the world the best place for yourself, your family and others.

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