Congratulations with Valentine’s Day

May not only this Valentine’s Day, but each your day be filled with love, care, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with your beloved and those you hold dear.

Have you ever heard the history of this holiday and how is it celebrated in different countries?

There are a lot of different theories about the origin of Valentine’s Day. The most popular theory tells us that the Roman Emperor Claudius II wanted to make army invincible. Claudius II forbade men to marry (he thought that single men were better soldiers). But one kind Reverend St. Valentine, in the spirit of love, defied the ban and wed young couples . Valentine was executed on February 14 for his disobedience. Today, lovers and young couples all around the world send a message of love their partners. The traditions are similar in most countries, but there are some slight differences.

Valentine’s Day around the world

United States of America

In the United States people usually send Valentine cards to each other, buy some sweets or flowers. There is also quite funny tradition to send anti-Valentine card to your partner. If person receive this card with the words C-Ya! (See you!), this means your relationship comes to its end.

Japan and South Korea

In Japan there are two Valentine’s Days. The first is traditional and celebrated on February 14th, but the other is on March 14th. On February 14th women give chocolates and sweets to their boyfriends, to boys who are friends and bosses but on March 14th, on ‘White Day’, the men buy chocolates for their wives and girlfriend.

Tradition on Valentine’s Day is quite similar, but in Korea people also have ‘Black Day’. It is a special day when singles can celebrate their day too eating black jajang noodles. Korean think that everyone deserve to have a day to celebrate.


Chinese have their own Valentine’s Day and celebrate it on July 7th. This celebration connected with the old Chinese fairy tale about two young people who were in love and turned into stars. The boy was a shepherd and the girl was a weaver. Only on July 7th at night these two stars meet high in the ski.


In Italy young couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Also, lovers buy china baskets tied with ribbons and cups filled with sweets. Of course, they also present a bouquet of flowers as a token of their love.


Young people in Germany send flowers to their beloved people. The number of flowers in a bouquet must be odd, otherwise it could bring bad luck.

And how interesting traditions do you have on his holiday? Please, share your love story with us! We will be happy to listen to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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