Decoration protection

The reasons for moving are almost always individual, but each of them is the beginning of a new life stage. And the first moments of a new life, of course, should be joyful, not difficult. Nevertheless, many people spend a lot of time and energy on the organization of transportation of things, and often it cause damage to an apartment. It happens due to improper packaging and condition  of furniture, equipment and other valuable things after a move, both in apartment and office relocation, depends on its quality.

Where to begin

Packaging material is of different types, and its choice depends on what you plan to transport. Anyway, you need to stock up a whole list of necessary items:

  • boxes;
  • bubble wrap;
  • stretch;
  • tape;
  • shopping bags.

But, before proceeding with the packaging, it is necessary to consider several important things to avoid mistakes. The main mistakes in the packaging, or something you should avoid doing when packing:

  • transportation of furniture without disassembling. Remember that when shaking in a car, prefabricated furniture is much more likely to get “injured” than its individual parts, neatly folded in the back. It can also lead to walls damage;
  • moving things without checking the reliability and integrity of the packaging. At best, dust and dirt will settle on things, at worst – no mechanical damage can be avoided;
  • use regular tape instead of mounting tape. It can leave sticky marks on furniture and walls, which is very difficult to get rid of;
  • the lack of protection in the corners of the furniture and accessories can significantly spoil its appearance;

It is important to remember about the incompatibility of certain things. So, clothes should not be packaged together with paint and oily substances, foodstuffs – with household chemicals, and flammable substances should be transported separately from solvents and varnishes.

How to pack correctly?

It is important to know how to protect decoration during the move. If you do not have the experience of doing it can lead to the sufficient damage. What you should do:

  • first of all clothes, linen, books are packed. And only after that – furniture, equipment, large items;
  • all furniture that is fundamentally possible to disassemble, you need to disassemble. If the furniture cannot be disassembled, you should remove all the handles;
  • All disassembled furniture must be packaged to protect the surface from mechanical damage, protection from moisture, dust and dirt. Sheet cardboard, blankets (with these materials it is convenient to transfer sheets of laminated chipboard or wood between them), air bubble film or foamed polypropylene film are suitable for this. An inexpensive material turns out to be a stretch film. It is easily stretched, allows you to conveniently “wrap” even objects of irregular shape;
  • corners and protruding parts of furniture additionally protect with cardboard, foam or other dense materials;
  • when packing furniture it is better to use not ordinary polyethylene, but mounting tape. It is securely fixed on any surface and, at the same time, does not leave sticky traces.


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Decoration protection

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