Double Drive Time

What is Double Drive Time

It is not a secret that every person wants to get the best service for the cheapest price. That is why for the most cases it is very hard to define a decent moving company. The market of moving services is overcrowded and the various conditions of each company may become a nightmare for the first time. There is the only thing that concerns and unites every moving company within the state of California. We call it “Double drive time”. This detailed walkthrough will help you to allay the concerns.

Quick introduction

For those who have never heard about Double drive time in California it can look  like some kind of hidden fee established by a company. It especially confuses the customers who do not want to pay more than certain budget.

To get a right to provide moving services on the territory of California state every single company must obtain the special permit from the governmental body – California Public Utilities Commission. There is no difference whether it is small or large company the law of the state obliges to hold the Household Goods Mover Permit. The simple procedure of rough examination established by that Commission provides an opportunity to estimate the level of knowledge of each industry. The requirements are following:

  • Results of examinations must confirm a higher-than average level of knowledge in the sphere of consumer law and industry rate cape;
  • Every single moving company must provide documented confirmation of financial and legal responsibility.

The California double Drive time law is reflected in body of law protected by Commission. Every single company must follow this rule with no exception. That is why they charge this fee for all hourly moving procedures. Moreover, the company which evades charging DDT will be fined or get into serious troubles.

What is California double drive time law?

To get a clear idea of the meaning you should refer to the actual law of the state. It will help to ensure yourself that the double drive time in California really exists.

Максимальный тарифный тариф

The explanation is very simple to understand: if the distance between your original point and the final place of destination is equal or higher than 10 miles a company must apply California Double Drive Time law. To have a clear idea of the meaning look at this picture and make sure you understand it right.

Двойное время вождения


Why should I pay for it?

This law was established by PUC to protect consumers from financial loses and scams. Before the double drive time in moving was adopted every company used to charge for the drive time needed to get one’s home and then to return back to the parking. It was very hard to define for a person what amount of time it can take for a moving company. Moving Double Drive Time law serves to prevent taking advantage at customers by indecent companies and to cover all expenses needed to get to pick up location and then back to the parking from the drop off point. Every person gets the opportunity to see the real destination between the pick-up and drop-off locations. To sum up:

  1. One can easily check the real time and driving cost being paid. It also compensates a moving company for their driving time through all stages;
  2. A moving company cannot set up their own time because a consumer will immediately see the lie;
  3. You can use your map to see the real distance and feel free to ask if something goes wrong.

About us

EasyBusy Moving Company can provide all necessary documents which prove our legal and financial responsibility. Feel free to call us if any of conditions we provide are quite vague for you. Our managers will always listen to you carefully and help to get a clear idea of any law concerning moving procedure within the California state. Do not lose your chance to get the best price on your move. We offer special prices for each customer!

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