8  Steps to Successful Garage Sale

If there is no more empty space in your closets and it’s really difficult to find room for the new jeans, it’s a high time to organize a garage sale. It’s a perfect way to get rid of all unneeded things and get some extra money. However, if you think that it’s enough just to pile up all the unnecessary items and put up a sign “Garage Sale”, you are wrong. The main task of any sell-off is to handle as many items as possible. You should follow only 8 steps in order to achieve the best results.

Select the items

It’s not worth selling dirty or spoiled items. You should pick up things that you do not use anymore but they are still in good condition and can be used. It’s better to make a list of all the selected items. Such list will help you to control the process of selling.

Sorting is important

No one will appreciate messy piles of clothes, books, and furniture. It’s more comfortable to find the proper item if all the goods are sorted. The best way to arrange things is to create thematic zones. They may be as following:

  • clothes: seasonal, children or adult ones;
  • furniture;
  • books;
  • kid’s toys;
  • home goods, etc.

Choose the proper date and place

It’s possible to make the sale super profitable if you chose the correct date and place. For instance, if your sale clearance coincides with festivals or concerts, you should not expect plenty of visitors. In case your garage or yard is not large enough, you can ask your friends or neighbors to join efforts and places.

Get a Permit

You should remember that you are not allowed to organize a garage sale whenever you want. In order to do it, you must get a special permit from the local authorities. If you are going to sell some food or drinks, you should not forget to contact the Health Department. The Public Safety Department should be visited to get the permit for parking.

Advertisement doubles your success

Nowadays there are too many online ad platforms which will help you to make your garage sale known to everyone. The local newspapers are also good mean to advertise the event. One more task is to prepare the eye-catching signs. However, they could not be placed on the public property items.

Think about the comfort of your clients

Your main task is to create the most comfortable conditions for your potential buyers. You have to arrange the location, prepare proper tables or stands, make special signs which will help the clients to find the necessary thing. The relaxing music and smiling sellers are also important elements of your success.

Set the reasonable prices

The main aim of the sale is not to earn money but to get rid of unneeded goods. The ideal price is about 10-15 % from the original one. If you overprice the products, you’d probably fail. All the products have to be labeled with the price signs. The change is also a very important elements. It’s better to keep petty cash on hand.

Gather “free boxes”

The “free boxes” can include such stuff as small souvenirs, old-fashioned clothes, defected pieces of furniture. People can take these things for free. It’s a perfect place to get away from the unnecessary items.

To sum it up, you should remember that a good garage sale demands proper organization and arrangement. The process is not rather difficult and can be even funny.

Garage Sale

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