10 Tips for Quick and Easy Cleaning

It is really hard to find a person who is fond of cleaning. The process of making your house or apartment sparkling and spotless could be really annoying. The household chores take up your time and energy. If even the thought about the coming washing makes you shudder, the following tips would be rather useful for you.

  1. Create the household chores list

Although it sounds childish, the best way to make the house sparkling is to create the task list. It may include not only the assignments like “To sweep the floor” or “To sanitize the toilet” but also the time limits within this or that work should be done. It’s more convenient to divide the housework into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly done tasks.

  1. Split the cleaning duties among all family members

Each member of the family should be responsible for the cleanness of the accommodation. For instance, children should keep all their toys in a definite place. The washing up is better to do immediately after the meal. If everyone does his or her duties regularly, the dust and dirt won’t be gathered.

  1. Zone your dwelling

If to do the tidying up chaotically, you’d miss some areas. It leads to the untidiness that leads to extra cleaning. You should divide your dwelling into several zones. For instance, they could be “Kitchen”, “Living room” or “Bedroom”. Another way of dividing is to define zones in accordance with the cleaning intervals.

  1. Define the hot spots

The housekeepers know the so-called hot spots of their dwellings. That is the most problem places of the accommodation. It could be the toy storage area or wardrobe, bathroom or laundry. You should keep in mind these hot spots and pay them special attention.

  1. From top to bottom

The main rule of any cleaning is – you should start from the top areas and move to the bottom. Otherwise if you dust the surfaces after the vacuuming, the dust would fall on the floor again and you’d have to vacuum the room one more time.

  1. Get rid of rarely used things

The mess in any dwelling is mostly created with the things which are not necessary daily or rarely used. For example, the old papers are kept in piles and create untidiness. You should get rid of all the things you haven’t used for the last year, and the changes would be amazing.

  1. Work with effective and assisting cleaners

Microfiber cloth is the best variant for dusting. It cleans well and leaves no spots. You need to use only proper tools. It’s better to simplify the suppliers. The multifunctional modern cleaners will help to cope with the mud.

  1. Use alternative means of eco cleaning

You shouldn’t whittle away a fortune for expensive washing materials. There are a lot of eco-friendly means which can be found in each house. For instance, a glass of water with a slice of lemon clears up the microwave oven in a couple of minutes. The vinegar makes any mirror shines.

  1. Do several tasks simultaneously

While doing the household chores, you should try to combine activities. It will help you to spend your time more effectively. You can spray the cleaner on the sink and while it is reacting, you can easily dust the shelves or sanitize the toilet.

  1. Make fun of housework

You wouldn’t even notice how many hours you’ve spent for cleaning if you’d do it while listening to your fa music or watching talk-show.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that the well-organized cleaning process takes little time and goes without too much efforts. You should just turn it into the habit.

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