Check List: The Things You Shouldn’t Pack when Moving

One of the most stressful and time-consuming things about moving is packing. You have to wrap and box up every single item. Dozens of containers and feet of sticky tape are all around the house. You have to do so many things that you don’t pay attention to what items you actually pack. You just grab the things you see and put them into the boxes. The best way to avoid the hustle and the bustle to make up a thorough plan.  You have to decide which belongings are to be wrapped first and which ones are the last to be packed.  An important point of such plan should include things that aren’t allowed to relocate by moving companies and items you should have at hand.

Stop list of the relocation services

Every moving company has its own rules and regulations. All the necessary information can be found on their web sites or you can contact the office manager. As a rule, there is a definite number of objects that are forbidden for packing and moving. The main aim of such restrictions is the observance of safety rules. The movers will never move the following items:

  • fire extinguishers;
  • fireworks;
  • pesticides;
  • poisons;
  • fuels and oils;
  • fertilizer;
  • batteries;
  • aerosol cans;
  • ammonia.

It’s better to utilize the above-mentioned objects or leave them to your neighbors.  In addition, it should be added that you can’t pack plants and pets.

Prevent the loss of valuables

It’s a bad idea to put the treasures in a pile with other belongings. You can lose or damage your property.  The following items are recommended to relocate individually:

  • jewelry:
  • cash and credit cards;
  • currency;
  • art masterpieces;
  • family rarities;
  • collections of stumps or coins.

Of course, if you choose the reliable moving company you have nothing to worry about the theft.  At the same time, in the case of an accident you may lose the valuables. The best way to save your treasures is to take care of them by yourself.

An Essential bag is important

Just imagine a situation: the relocation is over. You enter a new dwelling and want to have a rest. The quiz “Find PJs” starts. You have to open dozens of boxes to find the necessary thing. It could be rather irritating.  The solution is really simple. You should not pack things which you use daily. The must-have list includes the following positions:

  • medications;
  • documents (passes, insurance);
  • wallet and keys;
  • basic toiletries (soap, toothpaste and, toothbrush, sanitizer, etc.);
  • charges for mobile phones;
  • change of clothes.

In conclusion, it should be stressed out that the correct planning of your moving can help you to avoid numerous troubles. Of course, forbidden items can be thrown away just before the truck arrives. However, in such a case you’ll be extremely nervous and stressed.

Forbidden things for relocation

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