Looking for Free Moving Boxes? 5 Must-Visit Spots

Moving expenses are rather significant especially when it comes to the out-state relocation. To hire a reliable and experienced moving company is a very costly affair. You need some seed capital to feel comfortable in a new place. It’s not a surprise that every penny counts. It’s worth saving money. You can do it in several ways. One of the most effective is to reduce the amount of packing supplies you are going to buy. It’s not about reducing their amount at all. It means you have to buy less because it’s possible to get free moving boxes.

You may argue that saving money with free moving boxes is lost cause. Then you are wrong. Rough research has shown that you need 10 small packages, 8 medium containers, and 5 large wraps to pack a single living-room. As for the kitchen, with all its appliances and utilities, you may double this number. Amazon offers packs for approximately $1,5 each. The simple calculation shows that the total sum is considerable.

If you are looking for free moving containers, there is a wide range of spots you should visit. The list of top 5 variants includes the following:

  • The nearest grocery stores. The cute shop-assistants whom you greet every morning is able to save a couple of fruit wraps.
  • U-haul online service. If you’d already searched for new moving containers, you visited this website. It offers an exciting assortment of packs. There is also a message board where you can find ads about free stuff.
  • Your job. You can’t even imagine how much stuff is kept in containers at your workplace. You may ask your colleagues whether it’s possible to pick up a couple of empty boxes or not.
  • Craigslist. If you haven’t heard about this service you are probably from another planet. You can’t but find everything you need for successful moving on the website. The best time to get great containers is the beginning of the week.
  • Liquor stores. Mo one relocation is possible without transporting fragile things. You can’t put them in simple apple crates. If you do it you risk getting them back damaged or broken. The boxed from alcohol bottles are the ideal solution.

If you are a drifter and moving is a quite ordinary experience, it’s worth not throwing the used boxes away. You can use them again and again. It’s not only about special supplies. The old pack of your fridge is good for moving appliances or books. Saving your shoes wraps is the perfect way to keep your boots on order.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that relocation is always expensive and if there is a chance to reduce the expenses you shouldn’t miss it.

Free Boxes for Moving

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