Garage Storage Tips and Tricks

The garage is considered to be the inner sanctum of any man. It is the place where males are ready to spend hours a day. It’s not only a parking space but perfect storage of thousands of tools and accessories. In order not to get lost in your own car spot you should properly organize the storage area.

Main steps to perfect order

The piles of manuals, dozens of empty boxes and bottles are rather often met in the ordinary garage. All this stuff doesn’t definitely create the cozy atmosphere. Sometimes scope is so overcrowded that there is no room left for the vehicle itself. If you want to keep your car lot in order, you should do the following:

  • define the essential items which should be always at hand. As a rule, they include a workbench, proper lighting, vices, and work holding, power strips and extension cords, safety gear;
  • get rid of useless miscellaneous and dangerous stuff. There are some items which must not be definitely kept in the garage. Such things include items for donations, alcohol, canned food, paint cans, propane, gasoline or plywood;
  • divide your carport into zones: parking one, car suppliers, yard and gardening tools, outdoor toys and entertainment.

Superb storage ideas

The use of the special storage system allows you to gain extra space and keep the car stall in order. There are numerous awesome samples on sale. However, they are rather expensive. The great thing is that you can create the ideal stockpile system by yourself. There are must-haves which help you to store all the tools and miscellaneous in your garage.

Magnet strip

It will help you to keep all scissors, hammers, and screwdrivers in one place. It is quite easily to hang the strip on the wall and lose your tools never again.

Plastic bins

The bins are an awesome option for organizing your equipment. They can be of different colors and sizes. It is easy to label them with the help of a marker or a piece of chalk. In order not to get stacked with the bins, you should make a simple wooden frame for plastic containers. The DIY case is a perfect place for storing seasonal tools.

Wall shelves

Perhaps, it’s the cheapest way of storing your items in the parking lot. The shelves could be done in a couple of hours. All you need is your desire and solid boards.


They are perfect instruments that  hold shovels, hoes, brooms, and rakes.

Lockable cabinet

The oil and other chemicals are often kept in a car stall. They may be dangerous for kids or pets. That’s why it’s better to have a special lockable case to store chemicals.


You can hang your working uniform or mountain the bike on the wall. Each extra hook adds extra room to your parking place.

To sum it up, it should be mentioned that organizing a proper car stall storage system is not an easy task. However, it’s worth to be thought over properly. The well-organized garage isn’t only a parking spot but extra space for storing your belongings.

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