Congratulations with Halloween

Dear friends!

EasyBusy moving company wants to remind you that Halloween is coming on the night of October, 31 to November, 1.

We want to share some interesting facts about this holiday. The idea of Halloween came to us from the Celts but in the light of Celtic culture Halloween had nothing to do with fun and laugh. People used to believe in invasion of evil spirits to their towns only once a year. All the symbols of Halloween are just the intention to scare away these evil spirits.

The tradition of celebrating Halloween originated in Ireland and Scotland in the 16th century. On the night of October, 31 to November, 1 children were allowed to be naughty and go trick or treating. They used to wear hand-made masks and go from one house to another. It was believed that masks tend to fake out devils and they would mistake a person for the evil spirit. One of the symbols was carved from turnip lantern with a candle put inside it.

In the 19th century with the beginning of migration of Irishmen and Scotsmen to North America, the emigrants brought the tradition to celebrate Halloween. The holiday gained popularity everywhere in North America. They have started to make lanterns  not from turnip but from pumpkin. They are called Jack-o’-lantern and are supposed to defend the household  from every demon.

A tradition of using various costumes from horror movies and cartoons appeared in the 20th century.

So, don’t forget to decorate your house with different Halloween symbols that will scare away evil spirits and to buy treats for children!

Guys, have a lot of fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

P.S. If you booked a moving on Halloween, then just give some candies to people in costumes with the heading “EasyBusy” moving company on them!

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