Congratulations with National Freedom Day!

Dear friends and citizens! One of the most important days for our country is coming! It’s the National Freedom day! EasyBusy moving company is glad to congratulate you and your families with this remarkable holiday! Let’s promote harmony, happiness and equal opportunity and always remember how important freedom is to all of us.

And now we want to share some historical facts about this important holiday that joined us and showed how strong and fear we could be.

National Freedom Day honors the important day of adopting a resolution on February 1, 1865  and suggested the 13th amendment of the constitution by Abraham Lincoln and outlawing the slavery. This glorious and anniversary day is annually honored on February 1.

A former slave, Major Richard Robert Wright Senior, the founder of the National Freedom Day Association, made a great role in observing this day. Major Wright was proclaimed as a community leader in Philadelphia. He took part in improving of education, business, the media and politics. He hoped that one day he would see a celebration of freedom for all Americans.

At the time the amendment was signed, he was a nine-year-old slave from Georgia. After the Civil War, Wright attended a freedmen’s school. He became a veteran of the Spanish-American War, a prominent teacher and a banker.

People observe Freedom Day, but it is not a public holiday.

The main idea of this holiday is to promote harmony, good feelings, equal opportunities, freedom.

On February 1, 1942 the event took place, nevertheless it was not into law yet, but a tradition of wreath-laying at Liberty Bell was set up. On June 30, 1948, Harry Truman proclaimed this day as the first official National Freedom Day.  

At EasyBusy moving company in LA we are going to have luncheon and film screening to learn the important things of this day and its history. We honor and remember all participants of this event. We should now our history and follow the traditions. Join us! We will be glad to see you!

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