The history of moving development

There were times when people could live their whole lives without ever leaving their hometown. Freedom of travel began only in the 16th and 18th centuries. At that times, to  move to a new place either pack animals, or animals that were harnessed to carts (horses, mules) were used.

But since the beginning of the 20th century, times have changed, gradually people started to use services of special companies – moving companies. Moving got its development in the 1930s during the Great Depression. At that time, the Americans were ready to move from one city to another within the State, and sometimes from one State to another State looking for a new job. Even then, if the family could afford it, they hired a moving company, since it was quite difficult to transport things on their own. Those who did not have money could simply throw all their possessions. In 1936, the States already had the American Association of Moving Companies, although one could hardly have remembered, when the first moving company appeared.

Time passed. Nowadays moving is quite a developed industry in the United States. This is mainly due to the fact that Americans are a very mobile nation. There can be a lot of reasons for that: We move from one place to another looking for a new job, we go to study, get married, get divorced or find more comfortable housing. The average citizen can move about 10-12 times within his city, State, or country during the course of his life.

One of the associate professors of Rutgers University believes that : “We grew up in a culture of immigrants, because our ancestors were immigrants. They left their countries, despite all the difficulties. This is all about the risk inherent in us genetically.” Such fact means, that moving for Americans is an obvious thing.

People have always been moving, and they will continue to do it in future.

In the United States, about 40 million Americans change their place of residence every year.

Nowadays, almost every American family has a lot of personal things, furniture, and equipment and sometimes one can`t handle his move without the services of a moving company. Moreover, modern moving companies provide cargo transportation services, such services as packing / unpacking, handling, storage services, oversized cargo transportation services, cargo insurance services. Moving companies have all the necessary equipment and modern tools for the organization of the move. Most of the moving companies have their own informative website, where you can get acquainted with the services provided by the company, the prices for services, and the work schedule, or call the numbers on the website to get detailed information.

Statistics show that most Americans move from May to October. Their favorite days of the week for moving – Friday and Saturday. Accordingly, during these days the moving companies’ prices for services can be higher than on other days.

Almost in any city there are moving companies, and there are hundreds of them in big cities.

To sum up, we can make the conclusion that the moving companies have been making life easier for Americans for several decades. It is difficult to imagine a modern mobile America without moving companies. Moving companies are the best opportunity to arrange your perfect move!

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