10 tips for equipping the kitchen in the studio

Studio is a room without internal partitions, with an open plan, when the kitchen is in a single space with other room, usually a living room. The design of studio should be not only beautiful and cozy, but also functional and convenient as much as possible. With the arrangement of the studio, you can realize any ideas. The main thing is not to forget about the measure and sense of taste, and also take into account the characteristic of the room. Many wonder: how to equip the kitchen in the studio to make the room look comfortable, cozy and harmonious. We suggest you 10 tips for arranging the kitchen in the studio.

  1. Design the kitchen as a logical extension of the room. Of course, you need to divide the studio into zones, while all zones should be identical in style and color. For example, if the living room is made in a classic style, the kitchen should also be made in a classic style, so the room will look harmonious. If you want to use different styles in the interior, in this case, the right decision will be to address to the interior designer.
  2. Choose built-in appliances. To make kitchen look neatly cooler, dishwasher, exhaust ventilation and other appliances should be hidden behind the facade.
  3. Distribute the light. Good lighting in the studio is a very important factor, especially if the studio is rectangular and there is a sleeping place by the window, otherwise there may not be enough light in the kitchen area. Sharp shadows and twilight reduce the space visually, but uniform soft light on the contrary increases the space, as it is quite necessary for the studio.
  4. Choose a noiseless equipment. Carefully choose a dishwasher, refrigerator, hood. They should not be too noisy, so as not to disturb the peace of those who are in the living room part of the room. When choosing equipment, pay attention to the noise level.
  5. Choose an exhaust ventilation with the quadrature of your studio. It is necessary that the power of the exhaust ventilation is sufficient to draw smells from the room while cooking.
  6. Use light and mobile furniture, as well as furniture-transformers. Such furniture allows you to save space, easily move furniture within the studio.
  7. Think over well the storage system.  You need to use every centimeter with the benefit in the kitchen. Cabinets must have the maximum height. Think about the number and size of drawers and shelves.
  8. Do not overload the interior. Avoid the abundance of decor, bulk textiles, massive furniture. The best style to choose for the studios are Scandinavian, Minimalism and the Modern style.
  9. Choose a light color scheme. This can help to increase the studio. Dark colors, according to interior designers, are available only if you have very large windows. A light color scheme will add to the studio a sense of spaciousness. The best colours to choose are white, beige, gray, light green and other neutral shades.
  10. Divide the space into zones. Competent zoning is the key to comfort and coziness. For zoning space you can use the following methods:
  • choose one color range and arrange a living room  and a kitchen area in it, but in such way that the color accents are present in two zones in different proportions;
  • zoning with partitions;
  • zoning with the help of furniture. Most often, space is shared with a sofa, bar counter or a rack;
  • zoning with screens and curtains;
  • zoning with different finishes. For example, the floor in the kitchen area and the floor in the living room can be made of different materials;
  • multi-level room.

Let’s sum up. The design of the studio requires special care in selecting the color palette, decoration and layout of furniture, because there are several functional areas in one room.

To get a comfortable, functional and harmonious space, you need to think over every little thing. The room of this type should be sustained in a unified style, harmoniously combine practicality and comfort. We hope, our advices on arranging the kitchen in the studio will be helpful for you.

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