Creating a cozy atmosphere in a new home

The cozy atmosphere in your house is one of the important moments of a happy life. However, creating a cozy environment in your home is not as easy as it might seem at first sight. To make a cozy atmosphere in a house or apartment is difficult task. You should have rich imagination, patience, the ability to realize your ideas. The cozy atmosphere in the house is a guarantee of family harmony, happiness and well-being. Remember that even the most expensive furniture, fashionable and luxurious repairs, can not always create a feeling of coziness and comfort. Not always you need a lot of money to turn your home into a cozy nest for having a rest after a hard day. We want to give you a piece of advice what things you should pay attention to create a cozy, nice  atmosphere in your beloved home.

  1. The color of the walls. It is worth remembering that bright rooms can visually increase the space of ??the room and give a sense of lightness and spaciousness. For example, it is better to choose white and beige colors for a living room. For the children’s room it is advisable to use blue, pink, yellow, green colors. For the bedroom it is best to choose light colors of beige, blue, green or pink colors. If you have a studio, you can use different colors in the same room to divide the room into zones.
  2. Lighting. Correctly made lighting in the house not only provides the effect of a harmonious space in terms of design, but also affects our well-being. Lighting plays an important role in creating your mood. Using the game of light and shadow, you can create a variety of effects, hide the shortcomings of the room and emphasize its merits. At the same time, mistakes made in the lighting system cause people a sense of discomfort, quick fatigue, loss of attention. In this regard, you need to choose carefully the lighting for each room separately. And of course, creating a cozy atmosphere, you can not do without such elements as floor lamps, sconces and lamps. They act not only as a source of light, but also as decorative elements that can give morel lighting, elegance and comfort in the room.
  3. Furniture. If you have a small house or apartment is worth choosing multi-functional furniture and furniture-transformers. This will help you to save room space. In the studio, you can zoned the room using furniture. In general, the furniture is selected depending on your chosen style of the interior.
  4. Textile. Curtains, bedspreads, blankets, decorative pillows, rugs make the house more cozy. Curtains are a great way to make you living room cozier. There are a lot of curtains with ruffles, flounces and folds. Variety in the choice of colors and fabrics allows you to choose curtains for any interior. Bedspreads should not be in bright tones, but soft and pleasant to touch. Otherwise, decorative pillows can be bright and of different colours.
  5. Flowers.  Flowers pay huge importance in creating a cozy environment of a living room and showing the beauty of the room, giving an impression of joyful bliss to breathe freely and easily. Flowers can be placed on the floor, on the windowsill or on the tables. Indoor plants provide peace, joy, comfort and a good mood around.
  6. Decor items such as vases, paintings, figurines, photo frames, souvenirs also add some nice coziness in the room. However, it is worth remembering that the decorative elements should be used wisely and reasonably so as not to create an atmosphere of a bad taste.
  7. Tidiness. The house should always be clean to please your eyes and breathe easily.

We hope that you will be able to create a cozy atmosphere and it will be comfortable, warm and very sunny not only from the sun shine, but also from the very atmosphere of comfort in your house.

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