Preparation for an apartment moving

Moving is a pretty troublesome process. For most people even slight thoughts about forthcoming moving seem to be frightful that’s why we want to offer some simple but useful tips how to move without any problems.

  1. Positive attitude. Thoughts become things so you should calm down and be ready that everything will be nice. You should realize that organization of your moving for a moving company is their job that became a part of daily routines. It may be your first moving but a moving company’s stuff has already done hundreds of them. They have great experience so all you should do is just to trust them.
  2. Don’t pack your stuff at a last minute. Try to prepare for a moving beforehand (2 weeks before). Packing in advance gives you an opportunity to do a thorough cleaning and then throw away everything you hoped would not be useful, and put the remaining necessary ones into boxes.
  3. Choose the moving company with the highest degree of responsibility. It’s a good idea to ask your friends or co-workers. Perhaps, they can advise you a well-tried company. Surely you can surf the Net and read reviews on your own.
  4. Make a list of questions connected with moving that came up to ask a manager. Don’t forget to tell a manager about heavy items, describe them, the furniture and the way to the truck as detailed as possible. Also, you have to inform a manager whether you need a packing kit.
  5. Try to pack everything into boxes and then put a number on every of them. Take a notebook where you should unscramble the meaning of a definite number. For example: you have number 1 on the box, so it means that box 1 contains baby’s warm clothes. You have number 2 on the box and you know that it is about household chemicals.

It is desirable to sign the room – bedroom, kitchen etc – or the floor where this box should be placed in case you move to the two-story house.

Pack fragile items carefully in paper or bubble wrap.

  1. Put all the small details from furniture (bolts, screws etc) into plastic bags and take down the piece of furniture to which the details belong, for example: a kitchen table. Do it in such a way with every piece of furniture.

And last but not the least! Experts from a moving company will come at the appointed time and date. Movers will cover your furniture with blankets and wrap with shrink for safety, then put all boxes and furniture into the truck and carefully place inside. Everything will be delivered and set in your new house safe and sound.

Good luck!

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