Cards on the Table: Finding out All Secrets of Your New House

It’s not a piece of cake to find the house of your dream. It takes a lot of time and energy. A wide range of aspects should be kept in mind. it’s important to pay attention to the following points:

  • location and neighborhood;
  • square footage and floor plan;
  • roof and gutters;
  • electrical panels;
  • size, features, and shape of the yard;
  • documentation.

The home buyers are ready to spend hours investigating every single corner of the prospective dwelling. However, only a few pay attention to the history of the building. Yet, it’s not only a challenging and rewarding experience. There are some reasons why you actually should do it:

  • it’s important for tackling the building’s energy efficiency;
  • it helps to prevent the damages of the constructions in case of changes;
  • if it’s located in the historic neighborhood, there might be definite rules and regulations. For instance, you can’t change the exterior;
  • it’s interesting and exciting.

However, it’s not so easy to find out the history of your dwelling. A lot of people make one and the same mistake. They are sure they are able to find all the necessary information on the Net. Actually, they aren’t. The following methods are more effective. Yet, they need a lot of time, energy, and enthusiasm. Moreover, you should be ready to face the fact that your house is quite ordinary and no ghosts dwell there.

  1. Talk to your realtor!

This method works only if you cooperate with an honest and experienced realtor. He or she is able to find out some information about previous owners. Yet, if you hire not a really good expert, you risk getting to know not the whole truth.

  1. Talk to your new neighbors!

What do you know about the life and house of your previous neighbors? A lot of interesting facts are emerging in your head. You definitely know a couple of their secrets. Moreover, you keep up on the stash in the attic. The same is true about your current neighbors. However, before making an interrogation, it’s worth befriending with next-door dwellers.

  1. Check architecture books!

The first thing you have to point out about your house is the ear when it was built. The most reliable way to do it is to find the corresponding notes in the local architecture books.

  1. Visit the local library and local historical society.

It’s not so interesting to dig in the ancient newspapers and booklets. However, there is always a possibility that a secret is hidden in one of them.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that any researches connected with your new dwelling are useful. Even if you find out no interesting facts, you may be sure that know everything about the place you live in.

How to Find Out the History of the House

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