Moving garage stuff in a day?! It’s real!

Everyone is definitely familiar with the situation when you wash the dishes and always forget about the frying pan. The same is true about the garage stuff when it comes to the relocation. As a rule, the garage is the last spot to be organized, packed, and moved. It happens because while boxing up other belongings there is no better place to collect unneeded items than the parking lot. However, wrong time management often leads to such cases when there is almost no time left to pack and move the garage stuff. What you should do if the movers are coming tomorrow, and you haven’t even stepped into the carport? The following tips will help you to deal with this problem.

Panic is your worst enemy. When you are nervous and annoyed, everything is slipping from the hands. The first thing to do is to scratch the plan. It may include such points as “zoning the area”, “boxing up tools”, “packing awkward items”, etc.

The best way to save your money and get more room in the truck is to get rid of junk. You can’t even imagine which weird things could be found in the carports. Such things like broken old refrigerator, expired canned food, old clothes only take place. It’s not a good idea to take all the junk in your new dwelling. If you have time, you can organize a garage sale and earn some money. If you have no single minute, you have to throw the unneeded items away.

How to pack everything quickly? Perhaps, it’s the most frequently asked question. The best way is to hire professionals who have all the necessary instruments and equipment. If you’ve decided to do everything by yourself, the following list of items is a must have:

  • boxes of different sizes and shapes;
  • plastic containers;
  • kilometers of bubble wrap;
  • dolly.

The items you have to use during the relocation or straight after the arrival to a new place should be packed in the so-called “essential box”. The massive and heavy things are to be boxed up first. It is recommended to pack power tools in their original wrapping. The small tools have to be thoroughly locked in order not to be lost or damaged. The garden tools, such as mops or brooms, are to be bundled together.

The forbidden stuff

If you hire movers or just truck, you should remember that there is a number of subjects which are not allowed to transfer. Before starting the packing process, it’s better to consult your moving company. As a rule, the list of the forbidden things includes:

  • oil;
  • fuel;
  • chemicals;
  • pesticides;
  • car batteries, etc.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that it’s always better to plan the moving in beforehand. In such a way, you should not worry about the lack of time or unpacked garage. Nevertheless, even if you have a single day to come with the stuff in the carport, you are able to do it.

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