How to move your office

Whether you got financial investments, contested more cost-efficient lease conditions, or simply found a better area for your employees, for instance, you may have a good mind to ride the tide. Now, when you want to move your office somewhere, it is high time to recall what issues you may face during this process. Let’s take a closer look at ins and outs of office moving and find out what can help you in this yet another stress war.


Where do I start?

The start point is your plan. We got used to advise to develop a habit of planning, yet it is the real truth: a good plan is half of the battle. The other half is your efforts.

  1. Gather your team up; you have to inform your staff about upcoming moving, so that people will know about a new location, how to get there and whether they can work there or not.
  2. Organize the working process before you move and plan one for the time right after you get into a new building. Neither your customers, nor you would not be happy to face with failures in operations. You may post the announcement on your website, for example.
  3. Right after the above determine major dates. This one might sound easy, but some people tend to forget about dates. If you have already signed a new lease, check the date of your past lease. Don’t forget when you are exactly will move. We’ll tell you why it is important.
  4. If you have a lot of electronics, remember that you need to displug it on the day before moving, but plan its packing earlier. Electronics require detailed and careful approach during transportation. Note: label boxes, so that you shall know about what inside, e.g.: one must be watchful with such things like monitors. Tip: It would be better if you put some foam plastic inside.
  5. Don’t forget to get rid of outdated electronics! Old needless furniture can be included here, too. The same works out with outdated documentation, but make sure it is Note: if you are a CEO, transport essential documents on your own, if they are printed and unless you have digital copies. But you’d better have.
  6. Plan furniture arrangement. Are you sure your new office is big enough? Even though it is, make a plan on how, what and where you will place, make a layout and measure space for shelves, tables, electronics and so on.
  7. Consider a proper transportation conditions. Make sure everything you want or need to take with you will fit the truck.
  8. Back to your furniture. Disassemble everything that can be disassembled and, in its turn, be ready to assemble it right after you get the destination point. Note: remember that you may need a special tools and skills for such operation. Make sure you have efficient specialists. If not, the complexity of the moving multiplies by two.

Can I make it easier?

Despite the fact that moving is of no fun, yet it can be easy. With EasyBusy moving company everything is possible. We will help you in organization of your office moving, provide all necessary support during relocation. Rest assure that we will take care of your belongings accordingly – safe packing and no cracking. Our skillful specialists will handle your disassembling, assembling, packing and moving from the start point to the finish point.

Moving can be easy with EasyBusy.

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