Clever Solutions for Book Storage at Home

Books are the best sources of information as well as the perfect leisure activity. For millions of people, there is no better way of relaxing but savoring the reading with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Sometimes it takes several decades to collect the dream home library. It’s not an easy task to organize and store the editions in a proper way. Each item needs careful handling otherwise it would be torn up or spoiled. There are several life hacks that will help you to keep the books in one piece.

Where to store books

The real book lovers possess hundreds of copies, manuals, and magazines. However, the publications need a lot of space. It’s impossible just to pile them in the corner or on the table. The best way to keep your paper treasure is to buy special cases, shelves, or organizers. As a rule, there is no space to place additional case or shelf. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your books in the following locations:

  • Racks might be the most practical library storage solution at home when you’ve got a tiny dwelling. The racks are multifunctional furniture and can be easily transformed into cupboard or wardrobe. If your main goal is to save space, the racks are the perfect variant;
  • high-perimeter shelves could be placed on any wall especially if you are a happy owner of the high ceiling apartment. The shelves would be not only the perfect storage but creative decoration of the interior;
  • a wall niche is the best way to save the space. However, you should remember that only the professional builders can build such niches. It’s rather difficult to do it by yourself;
  • the bedroom is definitely the coziest and most popular place for reading. You may keep your favorite editions underneath the bed. Therefore, you’d be able to enjoy reading whenever you want. In order to prevent copies from spoiling, you need to place them into special plastic containers. They should be dry and sized;
  • wide window sill can be also used as library storage. However, you should think over the additional protection for the editions. One of the most appropriate variants is a plastic bin;
  • bookshelf room divider accomplishes the goal of dividing studio into several zones. At the same time, it creates a charming atmosphere and makes the room more personal.

How to store books

It’s not enough just to find the proper space for storing the home library. The paper demands definite conditions. That’s why you should pay attention to some criteria while choosing the room for paper productions.

  1. The direct sunlight causes the fading of the covers. If you want to avoid this, you’d keep your collection out of the sun or in special sunlight protective covers.
  2. You have to avoid humidity. That’s why it’s always not a good idea to store the editions in the kitchen or bathroom.
  3. When it comes to the home library, the most comfortable temperature is about 70 °F or a little bit cooler.
  4. The right shelving is a key to the long-term use of the paper copies. You need to place the same sized items on the one shelf. It’s better not to overcrowd the jutting.
  5. You have to dust the editions regularly. The paper likes cleanness.

To conclude, it should be noticed that the home library can become the true pride, decoration of any interior and a subject of a talk. To achieve this, you should treat all books carefully and create the proper storage conditions for them.

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