Tricks to Keep Your Fridge Clean and Organized

The refrigerator is considered to be one of the most popular electronic devices all over the globe. It’s difficult to find kitchen without it. The hi-tech appliance helps you to store food longer. The best way to save your time and money is to organize the fridge in a proper way. There are some recommendations on how to avoid the loss of food.

Do not overload your fridge!

The shelves which are densely filled with stuff complicate air circulation and thereby worsen storage conditions. It’s not recommended to put hot dishes straight into the fridge because it leads to the temperature increase. All these influence the work of the mechanism, and it starts to produce ice too fast. Therefore, the cost of the electric power increases considerably and you have to pay more.

Create the perfect order

If the door and shelves are spotted, there are dozens of empty bottles and plates in the fridge, the growth of bacteria activates. You can use special mats to prevent the chambers from dirtiness. The plastic containers are the perfect place to keep small items like oranges or lemons. In order not to lose something and find everything quickly, you can label the boxes. The interesting idea is to arrange “Eat me first” container which can be filled with leftovers and stuff with short shelf life.

One of the most common problems is the unwanted smell of the food which immediately comes when you open the fridge doors. The refrigerator deodorizer is able to cope with the absorbing of the food smell as well as with the growth of bacteria.

Arrange the shelves

According to the configuration of a home refrigerator, each type of food should be put on a definite place. If you place the plate or package just on the free space, the stuff can be spoiled. As a rule, on the upper shelves, you can place ready-to-eat food, leftovers, and drinks. The lower ones are proper for milk products, eggs, and raw meat. The funny thing is that the egg holder is usually placed on the doors but the very eggs should not be stored there. The doors are the perfect location for water, condiments, and juices.

Arrange the freezer and drawers

The deep freezer has the lowest temperature. It’s the best chamber for storing frozen fruit and vegetables, ice, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, and bread. The drawers have the specific humidity level which is good for keeping fruit, veggie, and meat. The products should be sorted and placed separately from each other.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that a properly organized refrigerator is able to prolong the expiration dates of the products as well as to make the cooking process easy and pleasant.

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