Valuable Tips for Packing Makeup when Moving

Moving itself is a rather nerve-racking thing especially when it comes to packing stuff. Makeup is the precious of any girl. She would do anything in order to avoid the damages of toiletries. The right packing is the best way to protect the beauty products from spoilage. The professional movers can pack all your belongings in a couple of minutes. If you decide to do it by yourself, the following tips would be very useful.

  1. Check and separate your cosmetics.

The easiest way to pack all your makeup is to put it together in one big zip bag. The result of such moving would be definitely heartbroken. You’d find the liquids leaked and spilled over the powder or nail vanishes over the lipsticks.   That’s why before starting the packing process, it’s better to get rid of all empty bottles and tubes. The dried out or seldom used items should be left, too.

  1. Create the daily basis box.

It should contain the most essential items such as cleaners, moisturizers, and your fav lipsticks, perhaps. The ideal variant is to purchase small samples of needed cosmetics. After the moving day, you can just throw them away.

  1. Prepare proper containers.

An ordinary woman has at least 50 beauty industry items. That’s why you need a huge amount of containers. You can also use special makeup moving bag which has numerous compartments. If you are not a happy owner of such accessory, you should use plastic containers of different sizes and zip-top bag.

  1. Label boxes.

It’s easy to tag all boxes with the help of felt-tip pens or chalks. It would save a lot of time when unpacking your belongings.

  1. Use packing materials.

Bubble wrap, old newspapers, toilet paper, and cello tape should be at hand. It’s better to wrap each bottle or tube separately. You have to pay attention to the tiniest things. Even nail polishes should be wrapped. In the end, it’s worth to stuff all empty spaces in a bag with paper. It would prevent slacks and friction.

  1. Layer your makeup bag.

The most unbreakable items should be put on the bottom. It could be your shampoo or lotions. You should put the fragile powdered elements such as eye shadows, bronzers, and foundation, on the top.

  1. Be afraid of humidity.

No cosmetics like extra humidity. Before putting items into containers, you have to clean and dry them. If you put your powder into wet boxes, you’ll spoil your makeup. The same is true about makeup brushes. They should be moved only in a dry, clean and safe container.

  1. Take care of safety

If you plan to travel by plane, some rules should be followed. The flammable things like aerosols or deodorant are not allowed on board as well as in the moving truck.

In conclusion, it’s clear that makeup collection usually costs a fortune. It is definitely worthwhile to be protected while moving. Following the mentioned tips will help you to enjoy your fav cosmetics on a new place after the successful move out.

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