How to Pack Shoes When Moving

The relocation is always associated with fuss and worries. There are so many things to do, and so little time to make everything on a deadline. The packing is perhaps one of the most time-consuming activities. No single should be missed. Those who have already moved know very well that some things tend to be lost during the moving especially when it comes to footwear. The situation when you can’t find the pair of your favorite heels after relocation happens quite often.  However, there are some tricks which will help you to get your precious footwear collection in one piece.

Suppliers you need

To tell the truth, the packing is a real kind of art. Of course, you don’t need some supernatural means to prepare your footwear to move. However, you have to use definite tools. The list of must-haves includes the following:

  • packing paper or cloth;
  • tape;
  • original boxes or special containers for your shoes;
  • marker.

It’s better to use professional materials in order to avoid the damages of the footwear. The main types of defects include smashing, breaking, tearing or deforming. The containers you are going to put your boots in should be clean, dry, and of the right shape and size.

Preparing footgear to the relocation

Before you start packing your shoes, you need to sort them. The first thing to do is to decide which pair is worth moving and which one is not. The old-fashioned and worn out samples are to be thrown away. Such items are the waste of space and money. The heavier boxes you have, the bigger your final moving bill will be. If you’ve got some boots which are in good conditions, but you are not going to wear them anymore, you can donate or give away. In the case when there are too many unneeded footwears, the garage sale is a great solution.

The next step to do is to clean your shoes. All pairs should be in a tip-top condition. If you pack dirty ones, they can damage other ones. Moreover, the dust and water have a bad influence on the condition of the footgear.

The algorithm of packing

The best way to relocate the footwear is to put pairs in the original boxes and bags. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible. You have to pick up the box of the proper size. There should be enough place for all your belongings. Each shoe is to be wrapped individually. It’s worth wrapping heels in bubble wrap. In order to prevent the favorite sample from damages, you have to stuff it with paper or soft cloth. By the way, the socks can be put into the shoes, too. In such a way you easily save some room. One of the most frequently mistakes is that people try to pack everything and forget to leave a cozy pair of trainers for the moving day. You can also prepare slippers for the first time in a new place.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that it’s better to start packing your footgear in advance. In such a way you can be sure that all pairs will be packed properly. You may ask your relatives and friends to help you or hire the professional. The main thing is to do it thoroughly otherwise you can spoil or lose your footwear.

How to pack shoes

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