The California-Style Christmas: Preparing for the Holidays

Christmas is considered to be one most beloved and popular holidays all over the globe. Traditionally, it’s associated with Santa Claus, sparkling snow and a lot of cute presents. However, in California, you are able to experience the absolutely different celebration. Although December is one of the coolest months, the average temperature is about 56°F. That’s why the snow may not even be expected. All the same, you still have a lot of things to do while preparing for the holidays. The following tips will help you to create the festive mood and savor the miraculous atmosphere of Xmas.

The Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar is perhaps one of the most successful ways to brighten up the expectation of a holiday with joy and magic. The calendar is a box with small windows where sweets or chocolate are hidden. You have to open one window per day. There are a lot of different variants of the calendar that can be bought in any shop. However, it’s much more interesting and exciting to create the calendar by yourself.

The Christmas Tree

The holiday season is impossible without the main symbol of the celebration – Christmas tree. You have to think about it in advance. The majority of the trees are grown in other states. You can even make a journey to hunt the best Christmas tree ever. However, you should remember that if you are going to cut down the green tree, you must receive the special permit by the authorities. The shopping malls are the best place to pick up the giant Christmas tree. Recently, artificial trees have gained greater popularity among people. It’s up to you to decide what you actually want – the real Christmas tree or plastic one.

The decoration of the house

It’s rather interesting to observe how the whole streets are gradually turning into sparkling images. The hundreds of string lights and garlands hang on the walls, trees, bushes, and palms. You have to think over the decor of your dwelling beforehand so you’ll be able to get the necessary ornaments and adornments. In a few days before Christmas, there is a real shortage of proper items. Some of the decor elements can be done by yourself. For example, the giant knitted socks or paper snowflakes look really cool.

Gifts for family and friends

Everyone is waiting for positive emotions and sweet memories on Xmas. The lovely presents are able to express your love and devotion. It’s better to select the gifts as earlier as possible. The Black Friday or Christmas markets are a good way to save your time and money.

The plan of celebration

The endless festivals and markets are arranged for Christmas. It’s impossible to visit all of them. In order to make your holidays unforgettable, it’s worth creating a plan of celebration. It may include the destinations you are eager to visit as well as things you want to do. The checklist of must-do will help you to avoid the fuss and savor Christmas.

To sum it up, you should keep in mind that the main thing to do on Christmas is to enjoy the time together with family and friends. All the preparations should bring positive emotions and create festive surroundings.


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