Tips to Keep Your Fish Safe and Sound during Relocation

What is the main fear of people who are relocating? Of course, they are afraid of losing or damaging their belongings during the moving, let alone their pets. It’s a common mistake to believe that only cats and dogs cause problems while moving. If you think so it means you have never tried to relocate an aquarium. Fish are considered to be the most trouble-free domestic animals. It’s true. Yet, they are the most problematic when it comes to changing the place of living.

Fish are fragile creatures. Even the slightest changes in the accustomed atmosphere may cause the death of your pets. Relocation is connected with a wide range of stressful situations. Yet, it’s not the reason to throw your aquarium and its inhabitants away. There are several tips that will help you to cope with relocating your favorites to a new house.

Step #1. Preps

The ideal variant is to transport your aquarium separately from all your belongings. However, it’s possible when it comes to moving to the next street or town. The long-distance relocation is time and money consuming process. It will cost you a fortune to relocate only an aquarium.

The easiest way to cope with the problem is to hire professional movers. Yet, only a few crews are ready to take care of the fragile creatures. That’s why it’s up to you to prepare the aquarium and its inhabitants for transportation.

You shouldn’t feed your favorites for at least 24 hours. There are no reasons for worry. They can survive without food for a week. It’s important to remove all the decorations and pants from the tank. You should put plants in the bags filled with water from the tank. Other accessories can be dried, cleaned and wrapped.

All experienced fish owners know that it’s important not to get rid of old water from the tank. You should keep it on buckets. It’s necessary to pack your aquarium. You need such supplies as bubble wrap, packing paper, and tap. If you hire movers, you should inform them that you are moving the tank.

Step #2. Transportation

Your tank inhabitants are the last thing to be packed. You need to buy special polystyrene transporting boxes or bags. You can put into the containers only pets. It’s forbidden to add some plants or decorations. It’s up to you to control the level of water and air. You need a battery-powered air pump and measuring jug. If you are moving in winter, it’s necessary to wrap the container with pets with warm blankets.

Step #3. Move-in

As soon as you ?ross the threshold of your new house, you should unpack your favorites. It’s recommended to place them in the water from the tank. You need to install equipment as a filter and pulp. You can change the water only in 5 days.

In conclusion, it’s worth mentioning that moving fish isn’t a piece of cake. You have to pay a lot of time, energy, and efforts to relocate fragile but beloved creatures.

How to relocate your fish

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