Solo Living: How to Start It Successfully

The life on your own becomes amazing when you get the total independence. There is no need to go to bed at 10 p.m. or to do the washing up immediately after the meal anymore. When you live alone, you can do what you want whenever or wherever you want. However, there are a lot of challenges you are facing with as soon as you leave the parental nest. There are several hacks that will help you to cope with the common difficulties and to make the best of solo living.

Solo living – solo dwelling

The key element of the independent life is your own apartment if you are not a lucky owner of the dwelling, nowadays there are a lot of offers for tenants. You can rent whatever can afford. While looking for your ideal home, you should pay attention to such criteria:

  • property size;
  • rent prices;
  • transport options;
  • utility services.

In order to avoid cheating, you have to deal only with reliable renting agencies. The prices could be a little bit higher but your security is worth it. It’s better to visit the apartment before signing renting agreement or lease. You should inspect the rooms and check if everything is OK and meets your expectations.

10 things which create comfortable living conditions

No matter who you are a tenant or owner of the accommodation, you wouldn’t enjoy the solo living without several substantial conditions. Apart from the suburb, you should choose a good housing utility company. You’d hardly savor living alone if something of the following is out of order:

  • water supply system;
  • sewage disposal;
  • electricity;
  • heating;
  • gas;
  • bottled gas and oil;
  • telephone;
  • the Internet;
  • television;
  • fire alarm.

Some of the utility costs could be included in the rental price. The details should be discussed with your real estate agent. If you are going to rent the apartment for a long time, you also need to pay  your attention to the social infrastructure of the district that is the co-located health services, schools, community and cultural facilities, and recreational areas.

Create your own atmosphere

You should keep in mind that apartments pretty much come with no furniture. That’s why you’ll get a chance to create your ideal dwelling. While furnituring the rooms, you’d follow the succeeding pieces of advice:

  1. All furniture should be organized properly in order to avoid the mess. Nowadays it’s popular to use as little of property as possible. The best variant is the modular or transforming furniture.
  2. The elements of the interior should be multifunctional and match each other.
  3. You should think over the storage system. The built-in cases and wardrobe help you to save time and keep order.

The main thing you should remember while decorating your dwelling is that the only you is responsible for each element in the room. If you feel comfortable there, no matter what color the walls are and how many thin cups are on the coffee table.

To conclude, it should be noticed that starting life on your own is a rather complicated process. It needs definite efforts and experience. You have to learn to get fun of solo living and enjoy the independent life.

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