How to acquaint the child with the order in the children’s room

Each parent sooner or later asks himself how to teach a child to put his toys  to their places and maintain order in the children’s room. Sometimes it can be difficult and it requires a lot of strength and patience from the parents.

When a child plays with toys, he immerses in a special fascinating world and does not notice what is happening around him. The child does not care at all that the children’s room resembles a minefield: there are toys, pencils, an erector set everywhere.

Child psychologists usually give advice that helps parents to stimulate the child to keep order in the room:

  1. Personal example. Children often repeat the actions of adults. If the child sees that you put your things to their places, he will also try to do this with his things.
  2. Involve the child in household chores. In any case, do not forget him to help you. Of course, such “help” can be in your way, but try to create the impression that the child is involved in the process and you are useful.
  3. Do not scold for mistakes, do not alter the child’s work before his eyes. Correct or change everything while the child is out, but next time explain how to do some particular work.
  4. Give the child possibility to feel adult and responsible.
  5. The best way to teach a child to clean is a game. For example, who will be the quickliest to collect and arrange toys. Usually such kind of cleaning causes the child only positive emotions.
  6. Praise and encourage the child. Parents often abuse the child for his mistakes, but forget to praise for good deeds. Praise is the best motivation.
  7. Create the right atmosphere.

We would like to pay your attention to the last item in our list. The best way to teach a child to clean is to put the child in such conditions that he himself, on his own initiative, wants to join to the order in his room. One of the ways to do this is to organize the space of the child’s room properly. It implies not only furniture, but also various organizers for storing toys. As organizers you can use:

  • boxes. It is desirable to use a different color and size boxes, you can also use the marking boxes. This will teach the child to sort toys;
  • baskets;
  • hassocks and benches with boxes;
  • wall shelves;
  • shelving;
  • uspension modules;
  • stands for pencils, markers.

On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting ideas for the children. For example, to make a rack in the form of a garage or parking lot with many parking spaces for cars. The child needs to be explained that if he stops playing with cars, they should be put in the garage, as mom and dad do when they do not use their cars.

For dolls, you can organize a shelving in the shape of a house with many beds and explain to the child that the dolls need to be put to sleep in their beds.

To store soft toy animals, you can use the organizer in the form of a zoo-cell.

To store the hairpins and claps, an interesting solution would be to put a soft doll with pigtails to the wall, on which hairpins and claps will be pinned.

If the child has many magnets, the perfect solution is to attach a magnetic board to the wall.

These are just a few examples. In fact, modern opportunities allow you to buy interesting organizers and furniture in the children’s room and do it yourself. Parents, It’s All in Your Hands! Approach to the process creatively and we hope it will bring its positive fruits.

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