The Superb Ideas for Wardrobe Storage System

The situation when you buy a new sweater and can’t find spare space for it in the wardrobe is rather displeasing. You have to rearrange dozens of sweatshirts and blouses in order to make room. It’s more convenient to keep all your belongings in order. There are numerous superb tips which will help you to make the most of your space.

What to start with?

The first thing to do is to get rid of all old and rarely used clothes. If the sweater hasn’t been worn for the last three years, it is definitely useless. The greatest mistake is to regret the thrown-out attire. It’ll be replaced with new and more fashionable one. There is also no need to keep items which have lost its pair, e.g. socks, mittens, gloves, etc.

The main principles of the right clothes storage

You have to use all the space you have. Even the tiniest drawer can be a proper place for storing of socks or underwear. Out-of-season items should be kept out of the way. It is possible to hide them under a bed or put in baskets on the top of the wardrobe. The daily worn or casual clothes should be placed in accessible areas. Other items need to be hidden.

Clever sorting as the key element of the perfect order

If the items are well-organized, it takes no time to find the necessary accessory or favorite pair of jeans. There are the following variants of storing your attire:

  • by color. You wouldn’t spend the precious time searching your favorite blue skirt among multicolored piles of clothes. You’d just to find the blue heap and savor the attire;
  • by material. It’s always pleasant when your silk blouses hang in one part of the closet, while the cotton shirts are folded in the other corner;
  • Top-bottom. Such sorting allows dividing clothing into “top” and “bottom” items, that is the T-shirts, blouses, shirts, and sweaters are placed on the top shelves, while the skirts and trousers are underneath.

Smart storage system

  • Storage bins. In order to keep folded clothing safe, it’s better to use special storage bins. You can buy them at any store or create their fabric substitutes. The colorful labels can be used, too. They will help to find the necessary attire quickly.
  • Hanging wardrobe organizer. Perhaps, it’s one of the best space savers. It can be placed on the door of the closet. It’s appropriate for storing socks, belts, underwear, and scarves.
  • Shelf dividers. They can be both professional or DIY. They keep your suits and dresses neat and tidy.
  • Smart hangers. They are great for hanging all kind of clothes. There are even special antibacterial samples sold in the shops. The head of the hanger can be easily turned the angle you want.

To sum it up, it should be mentioned, the thought-over, rational clothing storage allows to save the place, quickly find necessary clothes, and get rid of stuff and useless, unnecessary things. The well-organized storing system is the best way to prolong the life of your favorite belongings.

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