Shocking News: Dos and Don’ts of Telling about Your Moving to Family and Friends

Packing your possessions is only half of the story when it comes to relocation. A lot of people consider it to be the most difficult one.  It’s a common misconception because you can’t even imagine how hard it is to tell your friends and family you are moving. You are not the only person to suffer. It’s always tough losing someone. Yet, it’s up to you to utter about your move. There are several rules which help you to do it smoother.

  • You have to do it in person.

The temptation just to send a message is overwhelming. It’s not the way out. In such a way you try to avoid negative emotions. It’s clear your news will upset your playmates and relatives. Nobody wants tears. You have to inform the people in such a way so there won’t be the reason for sadness. It’s better to explain why and where you are moving. It’s worth highlighting that the change of place of living will benefit you. It’s important to understand that positive thing causes positive emotions while negative feelings lead to disavowal.

If you want to ask someone else to tell your mates about your move, you should give up this idea. In such a way you can only hurt them while it seems like you don’t trust them.

  • It’s better to inform about relocation in advance.

It’s not a good idea to inform friends about your changes standing on a station platform. There are two reasons to do it beforehand. The first one is rather trivial. They say time heals. When you are still around, it will be easier for your relatives to get used to the idea of your relocation. The second reason is a practical one. Moving is a stressful process which needs a lot of efforts and energy. You can’t find better helpers but people closest to you.

  • The place does matter.

If you are going to tell your mum that you are moving while shopping, it’s better to consider other variants. Your news is shocking itself so it’s not worth doubling the effect. A cute café meeting or your favorite location are the best choices. The easiest and most effective way to inform about your relocation is to organize a farewell party.

  • Don’t forget to send everyone your new address.

One of the best ways to express your sympathy and devotion is to send your new address. There are ample ways to do it. The social media are able to make the greater part of work for us. You can post A Facebook status or share a photo on Instagram. There is nothing easier than call your friends and tell your new address. If you want to send a couple of pictures of your new home, it’s better to send an email.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that you have to inform about the move not only family and friends.  It’s necessary to notify the colleagues, local authorities, and neighbors. You can make up a list not to forget anybody.

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