The Fourth of July in the USA

Some historical facts

Independence Day is considered to be the birthday of the powerful United States as a free, powerful and independent country. Most patriotic Americans call this holiday simply by its date the Fourth of July or more shorter and simpler July Fourth.

On July 4, 1776 the Congress of the Us approved the main document of the country the Declaration of Independence, which was signed with dignity by the president of the Second Continental Congress, responsible John Hancock and the secretary of the Continental Congress, responsible Charles Thomson. At that time, located mainly along the beautiful east coast of today’s territory of the United States, the real inhabitants of 13 British colonies waged severe war with the that days English king and parliament, because people believed that Britain treated them very unfairly. This was the cause and the war began in 1775.

In the course of well-planned military operations, the colonists realized that they were fighting not just for the best treatment, but for freedom from British domination. This was clearly articulated in the Declaration of Independence, which was signed by the main leaders of that colonies. It was the first time when in an official document, these colonies were fortunately called the United States of America. But today, the national holiday of the Fourth of July is full of fun, picnics and other outdoor activities, fireworks, as well as concerts, joy and patriotic speeches, good mood, festivals and amazing historical reconstructions. Neighboring areas of Canada join to this friendly celebration, as well as Sweden, Denmark, England, Norway, the Philippines and Guatemala.

Nowadays, in thousands of cities and settlements, salutes are held in honor of Independence Day. The capital of the country is famous for its fireworks – Washington.

This tradition has a long history. Congress authorized the use of pyrotechnics during the celebration of Independence Day in 1777 in Philadelphia. Since then it is an integral part of the holiday.

Interesting facts about this day and US Presidents

Ironically, on July 4, three American presidents died, two of whom were among the Founding Fathers of the United States: strong John Adams and author of the Declaration of Independence great Thomas Jefferson in 1826, on the  celebration of 50th anniversary of the adoption of the main historic declaration. Even more remarkable is that death overtook them with a difference of only a few hours.

July 4, also passed the fifth US president wonderful James Monroe, but five years later in 1831. And the thirtieth and also beloved American president wise Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4, and it was in 1872.

How to celebrate the US Independence Day

The US Independence Day is, of course, an official holiday and a paid day off in the country. The main annually holiday is celebrated very widely for fair: both at the official part and at home. Of course, a lot of Americans go on picnics, meat and vegetable barbecue and other pleasures and activities in the open air format.

Annual charity fairs, huge parades, amazing costumed processions and beautiful carnivals, big concerts, sports, etc. take place across all the big country, as well as in places where many Americans live.

On this day, America is always painted in their national colors that are the national flag colors: white, red and blue. Also on this day various star-striped outfits and accessories: from ties and socks, to hats and suits are in the fashion. At the same time dear Americans with a tear sing from their hearts the patriotic songs and, of course, the main song of the country – the national anthem.

Exactly at noon on 4 July on all US military bases a marvelous “salute of unity” is arranged, for this solemnly and important event they fire from the main gun of the country. In addition, in the evening in all big and small American cities and towns the night sky lights up with amazing breathtaking fireworks, some of which (to be proud of) are marked in the Guinness Book of Records as the best of the best.

US Independence Day in the movies

There are a lot of films dedicated to the Independence Day of the USA. The most well-known is the fantasy action movie “Independence Day” in 1996, directed by amazing Roland Emmerich with Will Smith. The film shows how once on July 4, a gang of disgusting aliens is attacking the Earth, they are applying a lot of efforts to spoil the fellow Americans their main holiday. The end of the movie is that everybody finally understood that there is any cruel force that could disturb Americans to celebrate Independence Day, at least, the creators of the movie claim that. By the way, Emmerich made a remake of his own work, in 2016 .

Another famous movie, dedicated to amazing Independence Day, is the powerful anti-war drama by Oliver Stone was filmed in 1989 and is called “Born on the Fourth of July”. After this movie, the new star of Tom Cruise appeared on the famous movie screen.

Dear Americans, dear fellow citizen! EasyBusy moving company congratulates you with this amazing and very important day for all of us day. We wish our country to be strong, beautiful as it is, constant development and progress. And our dear guys, we wish you always to be proud of your country and all your families to be happy.

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