How to lift and carry heavy items and furniture

It is difficult to imagine a move in which one would not have to lift and carry heavy items and furniture. As we have already written in the previous articles – employees of EasyBusy moving company  are strong and trained guys who are used to physical stress, but even before each moving they warm up and do exercises in order not to harm their bodies and health. They know how to lift heavy objects and furniture correctly, they have all the necessary tools and equipment to make their work easier.

  In this article, we want to tell you how to lift and carry heavy items and furniture correctly in case you decide to organize your moving yourself, without a helping hand of  a moving company. When lifting weights, trauma such as sprain, spinal cord injury and joint damage is by no means a rarity. To avoid this, EasyBusy moving company advises you to follow a few simple rules:

  • do gymnastics. A few simple exercises for warming up all muscle groups and spent 15-20 minutes of your time will prepare your body for the upcoming load.
  • estimate your opportunities correctly. If you feel that the object is heavy enough, you should not raise it alone. Call someone to help. Some objects and furniture need to be lifted only with the use of special equipment (for example, a jack).
  • follow the technology of lifting and moving loads. Do not lift the load with one back. You need to lift the load with your back, legs and hands at the same time, it is necessary to distribute the weight of the load to the maximum number of joints and muscles. To lift an object – bend your knees, step your torso a little forward, and your back should be straightened in the lower back. It’s like a squat exercise.
  • use special devices and accessories. If you have to move a heavy cabinet, sofa or refrigerator, use the straps of sufficient length. The process of lifting and moving will become much more convenient and safer, while you will practically with your straight back and do not harm it. Just do not take too narrow belts – they can dig into the skin.
  • be creative. Some objects and furniture can be pulled without even lifting them. For example, by placing plastic covers or a damp cloth under the feet. Just be careful – do not damage the floor covering and do not break the furniture legs.

We hope these simple tips will be useful for you!

Remember – the most important is your health! Take care of yourself!

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