Living in California

Are you fond of sunny beaches of the Pacific Ocean? Do you want to witness marvelous sunsets literally every evening in a warm and pleasant atmosphere of the region you live in? If all mentioned is about you, then we believe California is your spiritual city and the place that suits you the most.

However, let us try avoiding such hasty California-dreaming decisions and conclusions. Since any place has its downsides along with the good parts, we believe detailed consideration to be the most rational way of thinking in this case. Now, let’s discover what living in California really is.

Sun, sun, sun!

The state of California is divided into numerous cities and regions that have one common feature – warm and sunny weather. The most distinctive feature of the state to be honest. Whether your residence is in Palo Alto, the center of global technological hub and the so-called place of power for IT specialists, or in Los Angeles – the constantly bustling city with 24/7 day and nightlife, one thing at previously stated will remain unchanged – an enchanted weather.

Speaking of more technical side of living in California that is applicable to mostly any city of the state – a car need. No matter where you live or stay, you will definitely need a vehicle, California is a big state, you know, a lot of good places to be visited. Oops, you cannot reach it without a car! But even in urban area a vehicle is required, since the public transport is not a good option. On the contrary, traffic is an issue, too. Well, we warned you anyway.

There is a lot of different people living in California. The state is the place of diversity itself. With this respect, even more opportunities and options are available here. Impressive job markets, vineyards, yoga and fitness classes, impressive education status, unforgettable natural surroundings, apartments for any taste and budget mostly in every city of the state.

And… what about downsides?

Yet, it would be unfair if we only praised the state to the skies. Of course it has negative points! Like any other states do. However, in case of California, some points can be critical for one. Starting with the most obvious cons – prices. The raw spot and a touchy subject for the most people, both who already live in California or consider moving there. In comparison with an average wages, taxes and rent prices are slightly out-of-balance. It might be shocking for one to pay about two thousands just for an apartment. Yet, if you have a partner, or children, a car or a dog. At the end of the month, the total amount of bills may cause you a heart attack, not literally, of course! We warned you.

Another important and more critical point in this case is California crime rate. Remember, there are not only lovely good songs like ‘California Dreamin’. Although not every city can be considered unsafe, still most of them are. Not only Los Angeles’ Compton has this feature. With the population growth by moving from other states or by immigrants the crime rate  is increasing as well and that is an unavoidable aspect. Finally, the rush lifestyle may be just unsuitable for you, or you can simply get tired of an unchangeable weather, or realize that it is cheaper to live somewhere else.

Eventually, if you find these facts and reasons acceptable, you can test and taste all good sides of California yourself anytime!

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