Essential tips for long distance move

The moving procedure can be very stressful and exhausting activity for the first time. Preparation for relocation it is essential step than could help to make this process much easier. How should a person plan a long distance move? This short walkthrough will help to get an idea how to get the perfect service.

Always have a plan

The first rule says: you don`t have to wait for the last minute, pull yourself together to find the best long distance moving rates. Use the endless power of the Internet to find the better solution. Make some researches, look through a number of reviews or even call a manager to find out the best long distance moving rates, conditions a company may offer. Thus, you won`t forget anything important. Make sure that you have made a list of stuff you are going to ship. It will help to get the most accurate long distance moving estimate of all costs.

Ask for estimate

If the distance between your current residence and the final place of destination is too big it would be better for you to ask for an estimate. It will help to get the clear idea of all costs and conditions of a company beforehand. By receiving flat rate you protect yourself from any surprises that can appear at the end of you relocation.

It is also crucial to ask a manager if they are insured and bonded. There are several long distance furniture movers that work as a broker selling their orders to others. Thus, they gather your information and then sell these jobs to the real movers within your area for the cheapest price. In result you will get the worst quality service that may become a nightmare in your life. That is why you should ask more questions to avoid scams.

Look up for your company

Most people don`t even try to find more info about the company they made reservation with. To make sure you deal with professional use the Internet to do some research. You can look through all reviews in Yelp to define the better company. You should also check the website of a company you are going to deal with. There is a special black list which contains all information about scams in your area and they are very easy to find. You can always check the real address of a company to see if it is real or not.

Check your belongings

Making the list of belongings you are going to relocate is the most crucial part of your move. You should know that long distance moving costs will be based on the weight of your stuff. The scheme is very simple: the less you ship the less you pay when the job is done. Try to make a look on what you are going to ship again. You can donate useless items or just get rid of. If you are about to relocate your home to Florida or Texas you might not take warm clothes or snow blower with you. Be reasonable when choosing necessary things for your new home.

Why 3 movers instead of 2?

The most frequently asked question is “Why should I take more people if the last time 2 movers helped me to move in?” When a company offers you to add additional mover it means that such measure can make your move faster based on items you are going to ship. The more you live in your apartment the more items you buy to make your living more comfortable. In result the size of your move will be different because of various items you have bought earlier.

What is the best way to save you money?

The best advice we can give “don`t let people manipulate you”. You should think by your own what offer is worth to be taken. You can always call us to get expert`s opinion for your move for free. Feel free to ask whatever you would like to. EasyBusy moving company will always treat you as a close friend.

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