Moving through the eyes of a child

The reasons for changing the place of residence in adults are always more than enough:

  • moving in connection with the expansion of the company,
  • promotion by position,
  • the offer of more highly paid work,
  • the desire to live in a more attractive city or district, etc.

When adults decide to move, they usually do not ask the children if they want to move. Adults wish only good for the family and believe that moving to a new place will bring positive changes for the whole family. However, children can not always relate to the move with understanding, it depends on a number of reasons:

  • the age of the child,
  • child’s health,
  • the temperament of the child,
  • the ability to adapt in new conditions,
  • sociability, etc.

Some children can easily transfer to a new house, district or city. They are striving for new impressions, acquaintances. They are interested in settling in a new place, furnishing their new room. Such children are not afraid of changes; they regard them as new opportunities and prospects. Such children perceive moving as a holiday.

Other children, on the other hand, are afraid of changes, new acquaintances, changes in the world around them. They very painfully perceive parting with their friends, teachers, neighbors. Such babies are usually bound and closed. They are aware of how much time and effort they will have to spend in order to make new friends and win the favor of teachers at a new place. The news of the upcoming move puts them in shock. There are even cases when parents are forced to lead a child to a psychologist in order to get specialized help.

 Each child is individual and only parents can know their child’s features of character and take into account these features preparing a child for moving. In this case, it is about the emotional preparation of the child for the move. Parents have a serious task – to adjust the child to positive. The child needs to be told why the family should move, where you are moving. Prepare for this conversation:

  • show photos of a new house; tell where the child’s room is planned,
  • focus on all the positive aspects of the new neighborhoods: playgrounds, parks, entertainment venues, mugs,
  • dream with the child, how you arrange his room, what wallpaper you will paste, how to arrange furniture.

In your story, everything should say that in your new home will be much better for all the family.

Begin preparing the child to move a few weeks beforehand. Talk to your friends and teachers so that they give your child emotional support.

On the eve of the move, it is very useful for the child to participate in the process of preparing for the move-he packs his toys, books and other things. Try to make it in a game form. For each packaged box, praise the baby for his help.

We hope that you will succeed and the move will be easy and painless for the child. Good luck!

There are some funny pictures on the theme “Moving through the eyes of children.” Thanks to our little artists! The team of EasyBusy moving company turned out to be very believable!

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