Moving with pets

Moving is usually a rather troublesome process for all family members. And have you ever wondered what pets feel about moving, because they are much attached to their place. This is their territory, where they feel completely safe. And suddenly, the whole world around starts changing.

Your family starts to prepare for the move: you pack stuff and furniture.  The pet is frightened by these actions and cannot understand what is happening. Undoubtedly, moving is a big stress for an animal.

I decided to talk with my friend the veterinarian, and he gave some tips on how to make moving into a new home more comfortable for your pet.

  1. Consult with your veterinarian. There are no the same scheme for all animals. For example, moving is a bigger stress for cats rather than for dogs, because they are very attached to the habitat. So, only your doctor can give the right piece of advice.
  2. While preparing for move, do not forget about your pet. Try to pay enough attention to the animal, play with it, walk, so that the animal does not start to worry because of your altered behavior. You need to transport your pet in a special box. If it is the first time for your pet, then you should  show the box a few days before the move, otherwise it will cause a bigger stress for the animal at the day of moving.
  3. At the day of moving into a new house take your pet to friends or relatives. It is better for animal not to see how all things and furniture are taken out of the house. This will cause a big stress for the animal. You can also take your pet to a special hotel for pets. They will take care of your pet properly. If you do not want to leave your pet with strangers, then you must take care that your pet feel comfortable at the day of moving. For example, you can take your pet in another room and ask the employees of the moving company to take things out of this room at the last moment, and then take the pet to the spare room.
  4. If the trip is quite long, it is better not to feed the animal at least three hours before departure.
  5. Do not carry the animal in the van of truck or in a car trunk. Do not leave the animal in the car unattended. The ?ar should be well ventilated. It is important for dogs to see the road. On the contrary, it is better for cats not to see the road, as there have been cases when a cat returned to its old house.
  6. When you arrive at a new place, do not get the animal out of the box. Put it on the floor, open the door and let your pet decide when to get out. Let the animal to look around, to sniff, do not forget to cheer it up. Get all pet`s favorite toys, its carpet, plates, favorite blanket.
  7. If you see that the animal is very worried or shows aggression towards others, give the animal a sedative, prescribed by a veterinarian.

Remember, for an animal, moving is a stress and your task is to do everything possible to help your pet to overcome this day without a stress. And your pet will be grateful for that.

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