Moving cost estimate

The main purpose of estimate is to define the total cost of your move. Every move is unique that is why it is so hard to give the precise estimate via the telephone. However, it is for a company to decide whether to send an agent or to give some information via the phone. That is why it is crucial to know all details concerning your move to avoid scams or any kind of overpayment.

The initial steps

What is the first step to get a moving company estimate? First of all you should make a list that includes every item you are going to move. You cannot except to get a precise estimate via the telephone, if you forgot to tell about the most part of your belongings. To make it even easier you should tell a manager the number of stairs leading to your apartment, floor number. It will help a manager to get an idea of the size of your residence and obstacles a crew may face during moving process.

What is the main reason for the estimate?

The fact that a moving company can send an agent to your residence doesn`t mean it has to do it. It depends on the moving size. If you don`t have too much stuff, you are going to pack everything yourself likely a moving company refuse to send the expert. A single manager based on his experience will be able to help you.

The estimate is made to prevent any kind of overpayment. If you live in 3 bedroom house with a large garage you should remember that everything might not fit into a truck. Thus it can take 2 trips to finish your move or even more. In result you will pay more than it was expected. An agent is able to define how much time it may take and how many people should do this job. You should remember that each company can give different type of estimate.

Existing type of estimate

There are three main types you should be aware of:

  • Non-binding;
  • Binding;
  • Binding not to exceed;

The first one is not common for moving companies. The idea of this procedure is the following: the total cost of your move can be higher or lower than estimated price. Non-binding estimate give the opportunity for scams to ratchet the price up. Moreover, if the amount of items during the move is more than it was, a company can charge a person 10% plus to the total cost.

Usually binding estimate is used for long distance transportations. An agent gives you the fixed price that won`t change at any condition. It means that a person can easily plan some certain budget for sure. Also even if it ends with cheaper price you will have to pay for the estimated cost.

The binding not to exceed estimate is the most consumer friendly type. It guaranties the price protection. Your price will be fixed if the total is less than it was expected. In case your move takes more than estimated amount of time you won`t be charged more.

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Feel free to call our company to get an idea of your future move. We provide the most popular type of estimate (the binding not to exceed) to safe your money. Make a list of every item you want to move and we will try to do our best to fulfill your expectations.

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