Moving from a big city to a small town

Some people like city lights, the constant sound of music and unlimited opportunities of urban lifestyle; some people prefer coziness of small towns, its friendly environment and lack of stress-inducing conditions. It’s horses for courses. In recent years, there is a tendency among the young people to move from a megalopolis to a more preferable place, it may be a merely neighborhood, suburb or less populated city or town.

What is the point?

Such tendency is due to a number of factors, namely, rise of living cost, rush lifestyle and stress overabundance, which may be quite unfavorable for a progressive youth. However, big cities are the best place for young graduates, which are about to start their future career: they are fresh and energetic, ready to climb the corporate ladder. Still, the bigger city is, the bigger stream of people who are starving for a job that causes the bigger competitiveness. Thanks to technological development, today it is much easier to work away from strictly-to-office-position, which is the key factor for millennials.

Why should I consider this?

Generally, it is entirely up to you whether you want or, what is more important, can move from a megalopolis to a small town. Here is an information on what benefits you may get from such relocation.

  • As it was mentioned above, the main problem of living in a big city is the price for…well, everything. Living in cities, such as, for example, Los Angeles will eventually cause the dramatically great housing costs, without mentioning prices for private schools, food and goods and all the odds and ends. By choosing a small town, you will get rid of this financial baggage – set your mind free from an every-month-struggle of collecting a penny to pay for rent.
  • One thing we have not mentioned yet is the crime rate. Although in a megalopolis you may feel yourself quite safe and secured, statistically, there are far lower crime rate in small towns.
  • As you get a new rather slower pace of life, here comes the biggest benefit you could ever have – calmness. Without haste and rush, you will receive more peace and less nerve problems.

It can’t be only advantages!

We have never said it is only about the rainbow. Such relocation has rather bitter and uncomfortable consequences, e.g.:

  • Lack of suitable workplace, that is why you need to think ahead whether you will have a job in a new place of living or not, otherwise, memento distance work.
  • Small towns have big ears, as the population is lower than in a big one, moving to such community will put you in everyone-knows-everyone situation. No way you can get away without old ladies being talking about you on the backyard. Not literally, but who knows.
  • The peaceful life has its price when it comes to entertainment. Want to go shopping to the mall, or to check a new premier in the cinema? Sorry, but you need to drive to a larger town in the neighborhood or even to a city.

So, let’s draw the line here. As you can see, there are many features of such relocation, and it is up to you to make a decision whether it suits you or not. Pay attention to what you want and how to get it. Remember that such moving needs a good preparation for delivering of your belongings; with EasyBusy moving company it is much easier to do it.

You choose the destination, we move you there.

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