5 Secrets of the Successful Moving in Together

Moving in together is a serious stage of relationships. Dating and living together are two absolutely different things. You can’t say you know the person until you experience cohabitation. It’s the best way to figure out whether you are an excellent match or not. It’s not the case when it’s worth making an impulsive decision. There are too many points you have to consider and discuss before moving in together. If you don’t do it you risk getting a broken heart.

Comfy confines

Question #1 you should discuss is about the actual place of living. There are some variants possible. Your soulmate can move to you or you can relocate to him or her. It depends upon the dwelling features. The one-room apartment is an appropriate choice for solo living. Yet, it’s impossible to feel comfortable when there is no extra room even for your slippers.

The ideal variant is to pick up a new dwelling which meets the expectations of both partners. It means you have to discuss your comfort standards. You should not forget tastes differ. If you dream about French windows, it doesn’t matter your better half will appreciate them. It’s important to discuss the arrangement of each room.

It’s a cool idea to buy cute miscellaneous together. In such a way you not only add charm and comfort to your future dwelling but improve your relationships.

Personal space

Being a couple is a precious experience. Yet, there should always be a place for personal desires and needs. You are a couple but each of you is individuality. It’s not a good idea to give up some habits (we don’t speak about bad habits) only because you live together and your soulmate doesn’t like them. For instance, yoga practice is an effective method to keep your health in order. You need space to make exercises. It shouldn’t be the whole room. Each from the couple needs personal space to be left alone, concentrate, and relax.

Daily routines

There is nothing strange that you have to discuss the everyday schedule with each other. It’s the best way to get to know when you can go out or date or when it’s better to stay at home and watch TV. You shouldn’t forget about householding chores, too. It’s up to you to decide how you will divide the chores or it’s better to use the cleaning service.

Financial question

Nobody is going to pay for your utilities. It’s the task for two to decide who is paying for what. By the way, it doesn’t mean you have to know how many your soulmate earns. It means you have to discuss what things are affordable for your couple and what is not.


If you are a happy owner of the fluffy balls it doesn’t mean everyone shares your interest. Before moving in together, it’s worth asking whether your better half agrees to take care of the pet or not. The allergy question is of primary importance, too.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that the key element of successful cohabitation is the ability to discuss problems. You can avoid the greater part of troubles if you speak about them.

Moving in Together

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