Moving to a small place

Sometimes we make mistakes in choice of residence. Some people have less need in room, for example, a single person or a couple may feel themselves uncomfortable or alone in a big apartment or a big house with empty rooms. Some may desire to move to a more favorable neighborhood, but they can’t afford a spacious residence. They might be willing to move to a small one.

One may wonder: who would ever trade a palace for a shack? Well, we won’t consider a palace or a shack literally, yet, let’s take a look at some features and details of the relocation from a big apartment to a small one.

First of all, let’s see why people prefer big places. There are several reasons for this:

  • Desire to impress people around;
  • Large family;
  • Generally, you can afford it, so why not;
  • Convincing realtor made his magic.

Seems reasonable, huh? Don’t make up your mind so soon. When buying or renting a big apartment or a house people rarely think about what benefits they would gain from trading a big for a small one. Besides, size isn’t everything.

How would that benefit me?

If you are a single person or a young couple without children, or you barely care about people’s impression of your place of living, or you are willing to save your money, here are some tips for you:

  • Less expenses;
  • Easier to maintain;
  • As a result of the above, more free time.

Of course, these are not all benefits of such relocation, but they are essential. Whether you buy or rent a place, if it is a small one, you pay a way less than you would pay, like, for a two- or three-bedroom apartment, for instance. Now don’t forget about taxes. And what about heating, or electricity? All of these should be noticed when it comes to the choice of home. Also you spend less time for cleaning a small place and have more time for leisure.

What should I do?

Whenever you relocate, there is always furniture issues. You can’t just grab all you belongings on your back and hop to a destination point literally. Moving is a hard and, sometimes, a long-term process that requires a good preparation. With EasyBusy Moving Company, your moving will be faster and easier. However, there are some issues that can only be solved by you. Such as, extra stuff, things that you can’t or unable to take with you due to a size of a future apartment.

First thing you have to do is to make a plan. Simple, isn’t it? That’s where you start. Disassemble every single furniture, but make sure you would have a room to place it later. Tip: if you sure that you won’t have enough room for it, and there are a lot of sofas and chairs and shelves, then it’s time for a garage sale! Or you can rent a storage unit and save everything that doesn’t fit your new small residence there. Note: unlike with garage sale, storage unit requires a fee.

Then, if you managed to get rid of needless furniture and are on the destination point, it is time to reassemble all furniture and put your household items into a new place. Have in mind that reassembling requires a lot of efforts, not to mention specialized tools and skills. It is better to leave such job to the professionals from EasyBusy Moving Company.

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