New Year 2019: Epic Events You Can’t Miss

After the lovely and homely celebration of Christmas, it’s a high time to enjoy extra loud large-scale New Year’s festivals. The grandiose fireworks, 3D light shows, and costume contests are able to drive you crazy. The main thing is to take your friends out and enjoy the beginning of a new year.  There are several traditions which you can’t but follow. The most popular and beloved among them are the following:

  • popping champagne corks;
  • eating Hoppin’ John;
  • singing “Auld Lang Syne”;
  • midnight counting down;
  • kissing;
  • toasting.

Moreover, a lot of superstitions are connected with the celebration of the New Year. For instance, some people believe that they will find their true love in the coming year if they’ll celebrate NYE in yellow clothing. Others carry silver in order to find money. There is one more common custom that unites all Americans before the 31st of December. Each and every one is trying to spend the holidays with joy and fun.

The list of top-notch events includes the following performances:

  • the Ball Drop on the Times Square in NY;
  • the parties on Bourbon Street in New Orleans;
  • Walt Disney World in Orlando;
  • Grand Park in Los Angeles;
  • the Rose Ball in Pasadena.

Everyone has definitely dreamt to visit one of these events. The parties gather millions of participants as well as spectaculars every year. However, it’s rather difficult to book the hotel during the holidays. That’s why it’s more convenient to stay within the state. Except for the prominent Grand Park parties and the Rose Ball, California welcomes hundred of diverse events and festivals.

Prohibition NYE is well-known to every one fan of the 1920’s music. The glittering clothing is a must. It’s the best way to feel like a part of the whole epoche.

First Night Monterey party is the perfect variant to ring in a new year with a family. You should take into account that the party is alcohol-free. The highlight of the event is definitely the costume contest for both adults and kids.

The main peculiarity of California is its mild climate. You can enjoy its advantages annually including the very New Year Day. Why not spend the holiday aboard the famous Queen Mary?  You shouldn’t be afraid to stay without gifts – Santa Claus will come on a surfboard to bring them!

If you are a great fan of the fireworks, San Francisco is definitely your top destination. You will never forget the Embarcadero Fireworks Show above the Ferry Building.

It should be noticed that the majority of hotels organize their own parties to celebrate NYE.  For example, you can book the tickets for Gatsby’s House in Pasea Hotel, Los Angeles or for the Under the Firework Yacht Party at Merlot Yacht, San Francisco.

To conclude, it’s worth to remember the New Year’s resolutions. NYE is a perfect time to express your gratitude for all the achievements and set goals for the coming year.

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