Office relocation with moving company

In the modern world, office moving is quite common. In the process of business development, there is a need to increase the number of employees, and, consequently, to increase the size of the office. And then, the employer is faced with the question – how to organize moving from the old office to a new one not to affect the work of the enterprise. Office move significantly differs from apartment, because after the apartment moving you can gradually unpack the boxes and lay out things. At an office move, everything must be done as quickly as possible, because a simple office can lead to a shortfall in the company’s profits, so employees must start working in a new office as soon as possible. Actually, like any relocation, an office move can be organized by their own employees (we’ll talk about this in the next articles), but the most correct decision will be to hire a moving company. You will ask why? Let’s give you some arguments in favor of attracting the moving company (and they are not all):

  • the duration of the move will be much smaller, because employees of a moving company have many years of experience in arranging of moving;
  • ensuring the safety of furniture, equipment and other assets of your office during the move. Employees of the moving company have all the necessary packaging material, tools for dismantling / assembling and moving furniture;
  • ensuring correct packaging. Employees of the moving company will reliably and qualitatively pack your property;
  • preservation of the health of employees of your company. Office workers are usually not prepared for heavy physical loads and involve them for lifting and carrying heavy loads, such as furniture, is highly undesirable. With unaccustomed use, your employees may injure theirs backs, muscles, or joints. It is better to reduce the participation of office staff in the move to a minimum – they need to decompose the documentation and personal items into boxes and sign these boxes. Movers are strong, hardy guys, who used to physical exertion.
  • the correct transportation of your belongings and furniture in the track.

How EasyBusy moving company organizes an office move:

  • at first, the object is visited by the newsmaker and on the basis of the received information, he  calculates the necessary number of movers and tracks that need to be attracted for moving of your office. At this stage, all the nuances of the move are specified and the wishes of the customer are taken into account;
  • in a pre-agreed day and time the team of movers arrives at the facility to dismantle furniture, pack furniture, equipment and other items.
  • all the packaged property is loaded into the tract and an experienced driver delivers it to the address of a new office.
  • movers unload the tract, bring in all the property, collect and arrange furniture.

Moving the office with the EasyBusy moving company takes minimum of time and does not require any extra efforts from you. We always go to meet our customers and take into account all the circumstances, your suggestions and wishes!

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