On Moving to Hollywood

Have you ever dreamed about settling in the city of worldwide renowned landmark of its name, the place that magnetizes the most of aspiring screenwriters? If you have, and if you are living for fun or simply an active person, then you are welcome to Hollywood!

Is it a good place to live?

Let us face it, most people, if not everyone, used to dream about such relocation at least once in their life. It is understandable; the constant waves of tourist visiting Hollywood are a doubtless prove of the city’s popularity and uniqueness. Not only distinctive architecture, but also variety of magnificent restaurants, clubs, theaters and many remarkable places such as, for example, Hollywood Walk of Fame, may be the great pros for you when choosing the destination of relocation. Despite the fact that many film studios have been relocated away from Hollywood due to the growing flow of tourists, still the neighborhood comprises lots of famous and firms, studios and celebrities working there. It is of something common to spot a famous actor of actress on the street in a daylight, moreover, Hollywood’s residents frequently involved in filming processes. Sounds like fun, huh?

Hollywood’s lifestyle may be a perfect match for you if dynamic nightlife is your hobbyhorse. With a number of constant events and parties, both night and day, you will not get bored. That is the reason why people love Hollywood today: there is always something new, your life is in the spotlight. In addition, you may need weeks to visit and try all restaurants in the neighborhood, put that together with the fact that public places always changes, whether there are an old one closed and a new one opened at its spot, or a brand new establishment has been constructed – checking all available dishes may take months! If such gastronomic possibilities looks appealing with you, then you know where to move.

What about downsides?

Hollywood is all of entertainment, yet even such type of places cannot avoid downsides, like any other. First and the most obvious one is… prices. Yes, you may know it already, but still Hollywood is even more expensive than you could guessed. It may cost you not a less than a thousand of dollars for rent of a studio or small apartment, imagine now what shall be the price of a luxury one? Yup, even more. Not to speak of a residence purchasing. Choosing between renting and purchasing, well, the first one will be cheaper for you by far.

Now, do you have a car? Or maybe you are willing to rent or buy one? Hold up before it is too late! Hollywood’s horrific traffic is also one of the well-known feature of the neighborhood. Since the population is in motion and the city life is never stop nor sleep, it may be difficult to move in a vehicle.

The last and the most important downside in our judgment is crime issues. One may say: ‘crime exists everywhere, don’t bother me with it’, and such statement may be right. Still, it is noteworthy that in such place overflowed with tourists and bystanders thieving prosper.

Nevertheless, if these cons do not scare you and advantages of Hollywood lifestyle fit you, feel free to move to the legendary pantheon of cinematography.

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