Dishes and fragiles items and their packing

Well, it’s time for a moving! You have already decided how to pack your belongings and furniture but suddenly appeared quite a simple question: how to pack dishes and other fragile items? A moving company can easily do packing of furniture or other stuff for you but it is advisable to pack fragile and especially memorable items by your own. Everybody has his or her favorite dinner service or a vase. Some things can be enormously valuable for us as a souvenir of the person who presented it or just situations or events when this item was bought or maybe you inherited it. There is a wide range of such occasions. Sure your belongings will be insured and in case of damage some compensation will be paid you. But now we are not speaking about money the matter is about your dearest and the most memorable things! That is the most important point why you should pack all these things especially carefully and with all the responsibility.

Packing materials you will need:

  • boxes;
  • bubble wrap;
  • foam plastic;
  • paper;
  • carton;
  • tape.

So, what are you going to start with?

  1. Don’t be lazy! It is advisable to wrap every item two or three times with bubble wrap and it doesn’t matter whether it is just a cup or a plate. Pay special attention to handles that have to be wrapped more carefully. Stuff every glass or a cup with paper. If a thing comprises several details, for example a sugar bowl, then you should wrap in paper every detail separately.
  2. It is wise to pack dishes into small boxes. Empty space has to be filled with balled paper, bubble wrap or foam plastic in order to fixate your stuff inside. It is obligatory to check that the box is not deformed. If some things are really heavy, let’s say cut-glass ware, don’t overload one box because it simply can be torn. It is also not a good idea to put everything into some layers because the lowest ones can be broken due to overloading.
  3. Dishes should be put vertically. There is a must to pack all the stuff from the kitchen into small boxes as the dishes are heavy enough but still fragile!
  4. We advise to make carton boards in a box between wineglasses, cups and plates.
  5. There is one more crucial moment – sign the boxes, for example ‘Fragile’ and ‘Up’ with an arrow on every side. The best option is you write all the details on the top of the box, e.g. china service for the kitchen, statuettes for the living room. It will help movers to place these boxes to the correct room in your new house.
  6. Boxes should be scotch-taped, so please, check whether the bottom of a box is fixed reliably.  
  7. Pay attention one more time to the boxes with fragile items so that our movers can carry them especially carefully.

There still exists the risk to damage something when we move items made of glass, china, crystal or other fragile materials but you can minimize it if you pack your stuff as carefully as you can. Everything is easier than you can even imagine. Just do it!

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