Packing materials for your belongings

Packing is one of the most important stages when a person is preparing for a moving. It is essential to pack your property at the highest level because the way it will be delivered to a new house completely depends on the quality of packing. There are some options how to organize packing:

  1. You should hire a special company that will pack your belongings and furniture. Some moving companies provide such a service while organizing a moving and at the same time some packing materials are already included into the rate of this service. The rate can comprise the following materials: shrink, scotch tape, blankets. Boxes, wrapping paper, bubble are usually for additional price. But all the details can be given by the manager of the moving company.
  2. You can easily rent special plastic boxes for transportation and pack your stuff on your own.

Advantages of using plastic boxes:

  • do not take a lot of space before the packing itself – one box can be inserted into another one;
  • perfectly fit for your stuff;
  • can be sealed up;
  • not heavy but solid;
  • convenient, even with handles;
  • waterproof.
  1. Pack your property by yourself using packing materials that you bought.

If you chose the last but not the least option, you have to know a wide range of packing materials. The common ones are the following:



  • high durability at the expense of multiple layers of the material;
  • shock resistance and relative rigidity;
  • lightness;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • low cost.

Boxes are used for packing of clothing, books, shoes, bags, houseware and other things. Boxes can be of different size. But you should remember that it is not a good idea to overload these boxes because they can just be torn during handling operations.



  • high durability;
  • amazing amortization properties;
  • strong protection from scratches;
  • replicate the shape of the object that is more free space;
  • lightness;
  • impermeability to water and dust.

Bubble is used for packing of some pieces of furniture, electrical devices, equipment, houseware, mirrors and other items.

Shrink wrap


  • high durability (it can be of various thickness);
  • has an ability to stretch so the quality of packing is rather high;
  • lightness.

It is used while packing furniture, bags, cushions, blankets. It is possible to wrap with shrink boxes with your clothes so that dust can’t get into.

Surely you can do nothing without such packing materials as packets, paper and scotch tape.

You can use whatever you like while packing your stuff but we advise to do packing carefully and scrupulously in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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