10 Tips to Make Your House Pet-Friendly

Pets are family members. When choosing a new house or apartment, you have to take into account the needs of domestic animals. The same is true when you decide to get a pet. It’s not enough just to go to the pet shop and buy a four-legged friend. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was absolutely right: “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed”.  The following tips will help you to make your dwelling comfortable for your pets.

  1. Temperature

The climate conditions influence the state of the animals. Before setting the house temperature, you should consult the vet. Some breeds prefer a warm climate while others feel better in cool surroundings. The general rules say to set the temperature from 78 degrees in the summer to 68 degrees in the winter.

  1. Humidity

The ideal level of humidity is less than 60 %. It should be noticed that high humidity is dangerous for the most popular types of domestic animals – dogs and cats. Yet, if you are a happy owner of green iguanas or geckos, the high level of humidity is OK.

  1. Resting zone

You have to define where a new family member will sleep and have a rest. Depending on the species of the animal, it can be a cage, corner or enclosure. Puppies and kittens like sleeping on the soft surfaces. Unless you want them to sleep with you on your bed, it’s better to prepare a soft pillow for them.

  1. Feeding

It’s one of the most important points.  You should prepare bowls for food and water. The vets don’t recommend feed your animals with human meals. You mustn’t forget about vitamins.

  1. Safety

You must be sure that your small friends aren’t able to get away when you are not at home. You have to check if the doors, windows, and gates are closed. It’s up to you to control if your cat or dog can get medicines, unneeded food, or poisoned plants. It’s worth noticing that some flowers are dangerous for fluffy balls. No electrical cords should be available for animals. Moreover, you have to learn by heart the phone numbers of at least 2 nearest vet clinics.

  1. Playing area

Almost all domestic animals like running, jumping, and climbing. You have to make a special playground for them. It’s better if it will be placed outdoors. Your family members have to walk the pet regularly.

  1. Basic pet suppliers

Getting a fluffy ball isn’t a cheap deal. You have to buy special suppliers such as rugs, bowls, collars, crates, and leashes.

  1. Only hard surfaces

Sleepery floors can be dangerous for your tamed toddlers. The perfect flooring for fluffy friends should be resistant to scratches and damages.

  1. Pet-friendly neighborhood

Before getting a pet, you should get to know whether your neighbors or even other family members love animals or not. It’s not a good idea to buy a puppy if your uncle has an allergy or your neighbor hates dogs. If there is a special pet walking area nearby, it’s a perfect variant.

  1. Cleanliness

They say good cleanliness means good health. The same is true about your four-legged friends.  You should regularly bath your companions and clean the house.

To sum it up, you should remember that pets are the universal source of energy and positive emotions. Despite all the difficulties you can face with, it’s worth getting a fluffy friend.

Pet-friendly house

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