Presidents’ Day: the Historical Holiday of the Whole Nature

It’s really hard to find any other country on the whole globe in which the presidents are so beloved and honored as in the USA. You can ask any pupil to name all the presidents starting from George Washington and you’ll get the proper answers. Every third Monday of February America celebrates Presidents’ Day or Washington’s Birthday as it’s known to the greater part of the population.  It’s one of 10 most important federal holidays in the country. Like others celebrations, it has its own peculiarities, traditions, and history.

Historical Background

Before adoption of the Union Monday Holiday Act in 1971, the holiday was held on the 22d of February. That day is the birthday of George Washington, the first President of the USA.  People still honor his achievements. He is considered to be the most prominent and recognized leader by the population. However, many changes have occurred over time. Nowadays the event commemorates all the presidents.  An amazing fact is that the celebration actually has 14 different names in different states. For instance, in Alabama, it’s called Thomas Jefferson Birthday. Washington and Lincoln Day is celebrated in Utah. Some states like Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, and Louisiana do not observe the date. You should take it into account if you are going to travel during the holidays.

The most notorious events

Perhaps, one of the most exciting ways to spend Presidents Day is to visit Washington. In such a way, you’ll get marvelous emotions and memories. There are so many attractions like Lincoln Memorial, the Presidency Exhibit at the American History Museum, the Annual Birthnight Ball (Virginia), etc., which are held specially to celebrate the holiday. The largest George Washington Birthday Parade takes place in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s the best way to get new knowledge about the festival and have a wonderful rest. The only drawback is that the traveling isn’t actually cheap and takes a lot of time.

The easy ways to enjoy the celebration

In case you are not going to leave your home, there still plenty of fun activities. First of all, long weekends are the perfect time for shopping. A lot of deals are available. You can stock up on clothes, electronics, and home goods. Visiting hundreds of stores can be rather energy consuming. That’s why you can visit your favorite local spot and enjoy a piece apple pie with delicious latte.

No matter where you are going to spend time. The main thing is to enjoy the precious moments within the family and friends circle. It’s a perfect opportunity to honor the country you are lucky to live in and its founders.

Presidents Day 2019

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