Moving in the Rain: Pros and Cons

If you are going to move, there are so many things to think about. You have to pack all the belongings, hire the relocation company or find a proper truck, change your address, inform your friends and relatives. There is one more thing which is often forgotten by the majority of people. Before defining the final date for the relocation, it’s worth seeing the forecast. The deluge is able to spoil not only your mood but your belongings as well. However, the experienced movers know how to cope even with the real flood. You have only to decide whether you want to relocate in the rain or not.

 What can go wrong

You definitely do not want to get a pile of trash instead of your magazine collection or favorite clothes. However, it may happen. The greatest disadvantage of moving in the rain is the possibility of property damage. The water is able to spoil wood, paper, cloth, electronic gadgets.

The next widely-spread fear is the possibility of a truck accident on the wet roads. Unfortunately, the rate of the hit-and-run is rather high in the rain. Many people prefer to cancel the relocation if it showers.

The next disadvantage is that the rain causes mud. A new dwelling could become extra dirty in no time. The mud will be brought inside with boxes, containers, and shoes.

The positive aspects

However, the rain is not the reason to change your plans. Moreover, it’s possible to get some benefits from relocating in the rain. It’s well known that because of heavy rains the fall is not the popular season for relocation. That’s why you can get a better offer with a moving service. The next thing is you can easily enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the moving process. Rain is associated with changes that’s why it’s a good sign to move on such a day.

How to avoid damages while relocating in the rain

The perfect variant is to hire a special moving company. The professional movers have all the necessary supplies and equipment that will keep your property safe and sound. If you relocate by yourself, the following points should be taken into account:

  • proper wrapping. You have to cover every single box and item. Such packing materials as the liner, bubble wrap, plastic bags, and shrink wraps are the must-haves. You should pay particular attention to the protection of wooden furniture and electronic gadgets;
  • only off-road vehicles. The heavy rain is able to spoil roads that’s why you have to use reliable trucks. Otherwise, you’d risk getting stuck in the mud on the halfway to a new house;
  • prep the house. In order not to dirty your new dwelling, you have to protect the surfaces. The best way to do it to lay old mats and rugs on the floor;
  • personal protection. You should prepare umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots, and gloves;
  • the time is matter. You should understand that moving in the rain is a rather time-consuming process in comparison with the relocation on a sunny day:
  • immediate unpacking. As soon as all the boxes are in your new house, you have to start unpacking them in order to detect if something is spoiled.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that the rain is not the reason to cancel the relocation. It only needs more time and some extra preparations. It’s up to you to make the moving process as smooth as possible.

Moving in the rain

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